Introduction and background

The above words are very significant. They will provide you with a slogan all your life. This is in the case for the people who have lost weight but have gained it back again. Nothing can be worse than all the effort one has made and then to pour acid over all of it. It sounds absurd but it is no different than that. You should know your weight loss and the effort you have put behind it to make sure it doesn’t happen again. For this to happen, you should specifically know why people gain weight after going through so much to lose it in the first place.


Why do people gain weight again?

There are several reasons why people relapse into obesity. At times they do not realize about the effort they had made and go back into eating the same things with the same lazy routine. They do nothing about maintaining their weight and find it difficult to stay away from food. They go back to why they were obese in the first place. Others simply have physical problems that can affect their weight loss. Some women are known to have a thyroid problem which makes them gain weight even if they eat nothing. But then, they are not to be blamed. It is the others who make no effort to stay the way they put so much work into becoming. They forget. Or they love to eat a bit too much. Sometimes obesity factor is in their genes. However, this has not been proven yet.

How to remember?

Keeping a weighing machine nearby is helpful. Every time you are tipping the scales from your average weight, just try avoiding all those second servings. The serving sizes should also be reduced. Try to remember what it was like when you were dieting and how much time it took losing all that weight. Then try and remember what it would be like to go through all that again. And it is with surety will you realize that you would definitely not want to gain all that weight back.


The difficult diets

Dieting is not an easy process. It takes a lot of self control and effort on your part. There is no easy diet available. Even the easiest one would take some sort of effort. However, with the most difficult diets, there is always a certain amount of time in which you can do it. And then when the results are coming by slowly, you soon give it up. This is why there is a certain diet now which takes a little effort but gives quick results.


The quickest and easiest diet

With all the media hype being created, you surely must have heard about the HCG diet. This diet does wonders for an obese person, especially if the person has been struggling to lose weight for a while now. The HCG diet is basically all about the HCG drops involved. They are a hormone that can elevate the metabolic rate of the body where it starts burning stored fat to overcome the energy supply demand that has been raised all of a sudden. The benefits of the HCG diet are:
• You lose weight at a really rapid speed. People are known to lose up to three to four pounds on a daily basis.
• It has no side effects. If you pertain to the instructions given and do not mess it up, there is absolutely nothing bad that can happen to you.
• There is no exercise involved. In fact, they recommend that you do not exercise during the time you are taking these drops.
• The calorie intake is lessened and this gives you a chance to suppress your appetite. If your appetite is suppressed, it would make the weight gain relapse harder than ever.
This is the twenty first century diet and for the entire obese person, a turn of the century discovery. It not only gives you what you want and is a timely process too but also makes you more alert and active. The HCG diet is the it thing for all the overweight boys and girls.


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