Most people really don’t have a good idea of how much they eat or how many calories they consume each day. Using a journal will help you to really see with your own eyes what you’re eating.


With the hCG diet, you’re asked to restrict your calories to 500 per day. This is very little food. It helps to write down what you’re eating to help stay honest about your adherence to the program.


Even eating 100 extra calories – 3 or 4 crackers worth – can throw you totally off track during phase two. Writing down every bite will help you to see what you’re eating and help you to remember what you still need to eat for the day.


During the maintenance phase, you’ll be able to add back all the foods you love. However, you’ll need to do this a little at a time. Writing down what you eat will help you to see how many sugars you’re adding each day.


Then when you have a weight gain, you can determine where you need to cut back. If you don’ t have a record of what you’ve eaten, it will be hard to adjust your diet plan to keep the maximum benefits of your initial weight loss.


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