Introduction And Background

Every diet plan is different and about every diet plan consists of low fat foods. But what you are missing out on is hydration. Juices are highly recommended in a diet plan, something that everyone is probably extremely unaware of. Juices are given a bad name because of the packed beverages one gets at the local market. They are not fresh, they are rarely pulpy and most of them contain a lot of synthetic sugar or the other kind of sugar. All in all, they are not the juices we are talking about here! Read on further to know the juices recommended for your dieting plan and how and why they are so fruitful to your diet!

Why Drink Juices In A Diet?
To want to drink juices in a diet, first you require reasoning as to why you should drink it in the first place, yes? Well, juices are pretty helpful in a diet. Why is that? Here is why.

  • They keep you hydrated. Sometimes we forget to drink water in a diet plan and it can effectively ruin our system, slow our metabolism and even cause dryness on our skin. And drinking water on an empty stomach is not really liked by anyone, some even feel nauseous if they do it a lot! The best thing to do here is to drink juices. Everyone likes them and they are incredibly fulfilling. They refresh your body and give you the liquid you severely lacked because of your diet!
  • If you do not like eating fruits and vegetables, you can always have them in juice forms. This is another incredible advantage that you can utilize. Usually people are not fond of eating fruits or vegetables because either they think it is too bland or their brain automatically rejects it thinking it as yucky, unhealthy food. In cases like these, you can always juice up! You can even mix it up a little, having orange juice and carrot juice together. Doubling the effect is good for the body.
  • Juices also give you the vitamins and minerals that you are lacking in a diet. Sometimes in a diet, nutritional deficiencies are found. Juices can help you avoid that. Juices are mostly made of fruits or vegetables and both of these things have a lot of vitamins and minerals in them and that will definitely make the job easier on you.
  • They cleanse your body and often act as a great antioxidant or detoxifier.
  • They are healthy.
  • They are sweet!

Juices Recommended For Your Dieting Plan
No matter what diet you are following, unless it is a very low carb diet, these are the recommended juices for your dieting plan. They will help you achieve weight loss and will not hinder your dieting mechanism but will actually help you in overcoming it.

  • The Green Juice
    This juice is made from only one or two vegetables or a variety of them. You can use cabbage, spinach, and cucumber, whatever you want. You have to blend these foods together with a little bit of salt and pepper and lemon if you prefer it. Not only will this juice be a perfect combination but it doesn’t taste as bad as you think. Green juices are a little hard to develop the right taste for but usually it only takes one or two drink to get used to it. They have a good supply of vitamins and green juices are excellent for the skin as well. If you want, you can even mix in a little apple juice with it!
  • Apple Juice
    Apples are the fruit of life, some say. Some say it was Newton’s way of telling us that it is perfect component for us. Both are right. Apples are extremely good for health and apple juice is out of this world. It does not have a lot of calories but it is enriched with nutrients and even those substances which will keep your hunger pangs at pay. Apples are great at suppressing the appetite; think about how good apple juice will suffice!
  • Beet
    Beet goes with the beat! This juice is terrific for the heart and for the circulatory system in general. And it is one of the best ones you can include in your diet plan. You can mix beetroot with carrots and apples and even oranges. The mixture is a blend from heaven and tastes the best too.

Juicing up for your diet plan is a perfect way to go about it. A drawback to this is that you will miss most of the fiber from the fruits and vegetables but then again, you can let the pulp stay and get at least a few of it! Juices are healthy and you should definitely think of having them while you are dieting.


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