Introduction And Background
A high percentage of men and women like to eat sandwiches and almost every single person on the planet is fond of burgers. The burgers come with a heavy price to pay. They have fried chicken or beef, the bun that is all carbs as well as the sauces that come in the mix, one of them being mayonnaise. Since mayonnaise is perhaps the most used sauce of all time, used in sandwiches, burgers, salads and even as a dip with French fries, it is perhaps used as widely as ketchup. Since it is so common, it is perhaps best to discuss whether or not mayonnaise is good for you and what does it contain. Read on further to acquaint yourself with this particular dressing!

Something About Mayonnaise You Should Know…
Before going any further with this article, there is one thing that you should definitely be aware about and that might influence your decision about mayonnaise the most. One tablespoon of mayo contains about 90 calories. For those of you who eat mayonnaise on a regular basis, they should think about this. On average, we put about two to three tablespoons worth of mayonnaise on our sandwich or in our burger and some people put in even more than that. This means that there are three hundred calories added to whatever we are eating only because of the mayo. Is it really worth it?

What Is In Mayonnaise?
Mayonnaise does not really contain any nutrients that are really necessary for you and are not high in vitamins and minerals that you feel as if you’re missing out on a lot. Mayonnaise actually contains a lot of fat and sugar and even spices. Some mayonnaise also contains a lot of chicken pieces which are not generally considered to be healthy by the public as their protein content is next to being non-existent at times. Hence, think of eating an apple or perhaps turning to mayonnaise. Those of you who are on a diet and think that light mayonnaise might do the trick and it might help you out in not gaining weight, better think again. Even light mayonnaise is considered to be fattening! It is said to be unhealthy as well.

The Trick To It
Have you ever seen a person eat just mayonnaise or open a jar of mayonnaise and begin eating spoons of it? No one does that. This is the reason why no one really thinks of it that much since it is not eaten singularly, one always has it as a spread on something either a sandwich or a burger or as a dip. We never really consider it as fattening either because the thing we are having already is fattening by itself and adding mayonnaise to the mixture does not enter heads. Well, it should definitely start to!

Any Benefit Of Mayonnaise?
Is there any particular benefit of mayonnaise? Yes, there is. Despite all the calories and all the fat, there has been research that has somehow stated mayonnaise helps in hair growth. Whether it is the fat or the kind of oil present in it, mayonnaise has proven to have an effect on hair growth. Another benefit of mayonnaise that you should take into consideration is that it can really hydrate your skin – but there is a catch to it. Mayonnaise being eaten cannot hydrate your skin; you have to apply it topically! It sounds really weird and at first does make one think that this is not a healthy practice at all and the pores might get blocked with the thick mayonnaise all over the face but it actually has had pretty good results, unless you turn out to be allergic or something!

Is Mayonnaise All Good?
Well, after this article you might have gotten your answer. Mayonnaise is not all good and is definitely not good for those people who want to lose weight. There might be some benefits to it but if you want to remain on the healthier side of things, it is best to have it once in a while and to not make a habit out of it. There are many children who are given sandwiches for lunch to take to school that are filled with mayonnaise and pretty soon, as they grow older, they cannot grow out of it.

The bottom line to this is that mayonnaise is not all good and you shouldn’t think of light mayo as an option either. Turn to healthier alternatives, perhaps pour a little olive oil on your salad or whatever it is that you’re eating if you want to make it a little saucy. And if you are thinking of losing weight, better remove mayonnaise from the equation entirely! You can do without the 90 calories per tablespoon!

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