Introduction And Background

Dieting has become all the rage for the past decade, considering the startling and terrifying increase in obesity over the years. The reasons behind this are many. Many of us have become so technologically efficient that it has become hard for us to leave that behind and go out for a walk. Exercise has become a thing of the past. Also, the lack of natural foods and the rise of processed foods also have our fats increasing and our metabolism slowing. Thus, it is no wonder that most of the world’s problem is the lack in health and the increase in weight. We all need to diet sometime because we all are in the danger of becoming overweight or have already crossed that barrier.

What Is The HCG Diet?
The HCG diet’s basic components are the HCG drops. They are homeopathic in nature and are supposed to be these wonder drops that will make you lose weight, if taken as prescribed. The HCG drops are made from the hormone Human Chorionic Gonadotropin which is a natural hormone already existing in our body. The mechanism of the diet works in such a way that the elevated levels of this hormone in the body, along with the low calorie diet one is supposed to have during the duration of this diet, will make one lose immense weight. That’s not the only thing. The thing which brought people running to the HCG diet is the ability of it to make you lose weight really fast. You don’t have to diet for months and months while on the HCG diet. Some people only diet for a month and manage to weigh a lot less than they used to. The HCG diet actually confirms that you’ll lose a minimum of three kilograms in a week’s time while on this diet! Of course, if you follow the diet properly.

Is The HCG Diet Still Popular?
The HCG diet was a new diet which took the world by storm. Everyone loved the ideology behind it and of course, why wouldn’t all the dieters go for such fast weight loss? Everyone gets tired sometime, right? They want a quick solution to a weight loss problem. However, even if the HCG diet did all that it has lost some of its popularity. The reasons for it becoming a little less popular are given below.

  • There are new diets which have been coming and as always, the old goes away and the new takes its place. With diets, this has been the pattern being followed for quite some time now. The new diets are even better researched than the ones before and claim to work better. And the human race is always into trying out new things.
  • People are becoming a little wary of the fast weight loss. True, it is what they want but the HCG diet came into the media and took the world by storm but it did it in a short span of time. People want evidence and proof that it does not cause any bad effects on the body as such fast weight loss is not good for anyone.
  • The doctors are all giving their medical opinion on the issue and that has also created somewhat a problem for the HCG diet. They say that the diet and the drops should be even better researched as they think more evidence and safety evidence should be given for the product. They also think that this diet is only meant for specific people, not for anyone.
  • The natural process of slow weight loss has come up on the rise again as people are trying to lose weight the natural way, without any belts or pills or HCG drops for the matter.
  • The HCG drops are homeopathic in nature which puts people off. Homeopathy is considered to be the ultimate medicinal cure in some countries while in some countries it is considered to be a scam, a dangerous way to handle things. This is one of the main reasons of why the HCG diet has lost a little of its popularity and why people might be flocking to other diets. Homeopathy is still a hot topic of debate in the scientific world.
  • The low calorie diet prescribed in the HCG Diet of only five hundred calories was a little too much to bear for most dieters. This was also a reason why the diet has become a less popular.

The HCG diet is not a bad diet at all. If one thinks about it, it was once termed as the cure to obesity as this is fast becoming a disease and the world badly wants a fast cure, even more than the common cold. The HCG diet was becoming that. However, opinions change all the time and they did so for the HCG diet. The drops are being well researched and let’s see where the diet takes a turn in the future.


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