Is HCG Diet A Scam?

Introduction and background

Being overweight has become a widely spread health issue, one that has attracted a lot of attention and research resources. This result has focused a lot on creating medicines that would help in controlling the metabolism of the body and therefore reduce the calorie intake by cutting down on the amount we consume daily. These products range in a wide variety which includes medicine which is allopathic, herbal and even hormonal. One of the hormonal medicines that has recently caused a lot of craze and attraction towards itself is HCG diet. A medicine that has shown a lot f promise and effective results, this is the new thing in the market right now and studies have shown that it is really very effective in providing surefire results. So what makes the HCG diet so special and what is it that you really need to know about this special method for controlling the diet effectively? Read on to find out the answer to that question.

HCG – what is it really?

The term HCG is basically an acronym for Human Chorionic Gonadotropin. It is a special hormone that the female body produces in large amount at the time of pregnancy. It is a very important and multifunctional hormone and there are several medical implementations of this hormone which include the treatment of infertility and other functions like hormone regulation in the body. However when we talk about diet control and obesity, the function that HCG plays is that it somehow “resets” the part of the brain which controls the hormones, the hypothalamus. This in turn causes a boost in the metabolism of the body, an action that causes the body to release all of the excess fat and turning them into energy.

The science behind it all

Like every other medical product there has been a lot of research and testing that has been conducted to study the impact that using HCG diet has on the body. The results that were generated in these studies were all very positive and they have been listed here for you:

 When on HCG diet, the subjects of research that were given VLCD, short for Very Low Calorie Diet, the results clearly showed that their bodies had grown tolerant to that extreme condition automatically. None of the symptoms that we see when someone is exposed to extremely low calorie intake were visible on the subjects. There were no signs of headaches, irritable behavior or any other physical weaknesses.

 The results in some studies were also compared with a control group that was just put on low calorie diet and the results showed very clear differences in the results. The HCG diet was far more effective than the normal diet.

 The loss of fat in the body, especially in the areas with adipose tissue accumulation was clearly visible in all subjects and contributed to the great response that the market already showed to HCG diet.

Are you eligible for HCG diet?

It is always a good idea to avoid all medical products for treatment for as long as you can treat your problems while avoiding them. In the case of HCG diet, it is safe to say that if there is an extra weight of about 20 pounds or more hanging on your body then you definitely need the help of HCG diet.


HCG diet is really an amazing product for getting yourself back in shape. The best thing about it is the fact that it doesn’t introduce any chemicals into your body but simply taps into your body’s own operations and tunes them to the way they should be working. We highly recommend it for anyone who meets the eligibility criteria.


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