Introduction And Background

There is an ongoing debate in most of the countries of the world about the rate of obesity and what they should do about it. In the American continents especially, the number of obese people is rising rapidly and dangerously, the number of kids who are obese is rising as well. On average, in the next few years, about eighty percent of the twelve year olds are estimated to be overweight. Perhaps it is because of this reason that diet soda was invented, so that people do not drink the normal soda and gain weight. Rather, they can stick to the diet soda and reduce weight. But then there is another debate that is concerned with the safety of the diet soda and whether or not it is harmful for health. Is it?

Diet Soda Differences From Normal Soda
The diet soda is different from the normal soda but it is made by the same company that makes the normal soda now, right? So what is different then? Diet soda contains far lesser calories than normal soda. In fact, most of the diet sodas claim to have no more than six calories which is amazing compared to the hundreds present in the normal soda. Diet sodas also have artificial sweeteners which do not make you gain weight and diet sodas also have more carbonated water than normal sodas, or at least some diet sodas do.

Is Diet Soda Really Safe?
In all honesty, no it is not. Soda drinks are not safe to begin with as they carry a lot of health problems with them. Diet sodas are no different. People may think they are drinking it and getting fewer calories but in fact, they are not helping themselves at all. In fact, there is evidence to prove that perhaps all the chemicals that are used in diet soda to make it taste like the normal one but without the calories might as well be cancerous! It has not been proven yet but the research is still ongoing.

Why Is Diet Soda Not Safe?
Everyone in the world knows that diet soda is not a healthy drink and they should much rather switch to some alternative form of drink such as skim milk or low sugar juices perhaps. The world thinks that diet soda is not healthy but they would never gather it as an unsafe drink. It is a very unsafe drink. Here is why:

  • It causes a lot of health problems. Studies and research has shown that although diet soda might contain fewer calories, those who drink diet sodas are at an increased risk of developing diabetes mellitus! Some people even had depression but that could also be due to increased weight since that is why one drinks diet soda in the first place. However, the worsening of the depression might be linked to some of the chemicals that are present in the soda.
  • Here is something you never knew about diet sodas; it causes kidney problems. Kidneys are very important and the scientific research has in fact proven that those who drank diet sodas and had at least two cans a day should a kidney recline faster than a person who did not drink diet sodas at all. Care for your kidneys at all? Stop drinking diet soda!
  • Most people start drinking diet sodas as a part of their diet but they really should not. Diet sodas mess up the metabolism pretty badly and this will only hinder your diet. Your metabolic rate needs to be up to the level or else the weight loss process will be very slow.
  • Believe it or not, diet sodas are known to increase waist lines. It is true! Since you are being tricked into thinking that you are having something sugary, you automatically want more. The tendency to overeat becomes high and it can lead to obesity as well. Whoever thought DIET sodas could do such a thing?
  • Some people claim that their blood pressure become abnormally high after having diet sodas.
  • There are some ingredients in diet sodas of some companies that are really bad for health. Some companies have removed them but you can never really be sure. After all, how often do you read the ingredients that are written on the side of the can? Or more so, how often do you understand which chemicals they are talking about?

After reading everything written above, you must think too that diet sodas are not safe. There is a lot of scientific evidence present to prove the matter and even the people who are addicted to diet sodas admit that it is terrible what they are doing to their health. It is much better to stick to other diet drinks.

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