Introduction and background

The full form of HCG is Human Chorionic Gonadotropin which is also referred to as the pregnancy hormone, because it is found in the urine of pregnant women. HCG is a human hormone that is naturally produced in a pregnant woman. At first it is produced by the placenta immediately after the initial stages of pregnancy. Later on the placenta produces HCG throughout a women’s pregnancy period.

Recently, manufacturers of HCG capsules and the diet offer them in many different forms and have started advertising this hormone as a magic capsule for people wanting to lose weight. This has led to a brand new industry based on a brand new HCG Diet and its positive results have resulted in high demand and supply of HCG diet supplements.

The HCG diet was actually originally introduced in the 1950s and was considered as a dietary solution but got its due recognition, name and popularity for losing weight much later. The minimal attention it received led to a decline in its popularity in the seventies. However, it was couple of years ago that it gained overdue popularity through a book that mentioned its benefits helpful in losing extra kilos. Since then benefits of HCG diet was educated to people and other people conscious of weight rapidly.

Although the HCG Diet has gained lot of recognition and name, some people still have doubts in their mind that are unanswered. Doctors say that consumption of HCG diet is positive and recommended if you wish to lose weight with the help of mere HCG drops. This HCG diet, as with most diets is considered sustainable both in the short term and the long term, and is rather a less risky and hazardous regime as compared to people who follow crash diet.

People taking HCG diet may be more prone to risks of hypersensitivity, blood cholesterol, high blood sugars, heart strokes, kidney failure, piles, development of gall bladder stone and several others. However, it depends on person to person and what may work for other might not prove beneficial for others. There are many HCG diet providers available in the market so you must select them sensibly and carefully.

The HCG diet includes tablets created to aid in the reduction of large amounts of fat that too rapidly. Though Doctors say that eating fruits and green leafy vegetables also help in reduce weight than just HCG diet. The combination of eating as healthy as possible, rigorous exercises, weight lifting, and doing some aerobics each day will help you shed the pounds that you might need to get rid of obesity related psychological problems like low self confidence.

However, when a diabetic decides to use the HCG duet he or she should consult with a medical expert. The fact is that Diabetic patients must consult their doctor before opting for HCG diet regime. The pressure to look slim and attractive has made the HCG diet consumption all the more popular. Indeed HCG diet is very effective and that diets have a considerable weight loss.

Introduction of HVG Diet needs lot of awareness and education on the part of obese users. The primary goal of utilizing hcg diet drops is to make a person slimmer that too within a short period of time. The result is a slim, sleek and thinner body that many people simply dream of. And when the regular diet regime fails to yield results then HCG diet is the order of the day for most dieters.


When following a diet regime, the dieter can have some good coffee or tea in the morning and when possible, have a one milk tablespoonful along with HCG diet capsules. For any time during the day you ought to require milk but sugar substitutes like saccharine are highly suggested for supplementing the coffee or tea. To get the best results HCG diet drops it must be supported by lean proteins like lean beef, shrimp, veal and lobster. It’s sensible to ensure that any type of body fat is totally taken off the raw non vegetarian food.

All obese person must follow the exact rules applied lunchtime and for dinner. However, some vegetarian food will do wonders with HCG diet drops provided you add green spinach, beet vegetables, eco-friendly salad, onion, tomato, asparagus, cabbage, chicory, yoghurt and cucumber. Because the weight loss program is becoming a lot more popular and demands immediate attention, various chemist stores keep HCG diet tablets. The most advanced and highly beneficial tablets can easily be bought online without loss of time, money and efforts.

Finally, when you are not sure and confident of an appropriate diet plan particularly including HCG diet supplements then its prudent to talk to your dietician and get familiar with the usage of HCG.

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