Introduction And Background
While genetics does have a role somewhat to play in obesity, that role is not that significant yet however. It is still a modifiable factor in most diseases and is considered to be something totally under our control in the age of today, unless medically proven otherwise. What might confuse you still is how come there are members of a family and they are all lean and thin and then there is another family where all the members are borderline obese or actually are fat. This is not the game of genes playing its part. It actually is a thing called ‘family lifestyle’. Each family is different from another and their living standards, routines and even habits are somewhat similar. Hence, the word for this is lifestyle, not gene. What you are looking to change and can easily change is your lifestyle. Your genetic makeup cannot be altered and as far as science is concerned, not really necessary either to lose weight.

Different Family Lifestyles
You might have noticed over the course of years that there is a certain way that different families behave. It might have been observed while going to a friend’s house for homework or maybe even in your own extended family; your cousins. Some families will eat healthy, their food having lesser salt and cooked in olive oil. Some families would probably be prone to eating a lot of meat while some would adapt to the way of a vegetarian. Aside from all the possibilities in the kitchen, some families are sporty. It is likely that if one of the parents had ever been into sports, the children would either be forced to be into as well or maybe they would just want to, to be like their parents. And then there is also the type where all the members take their dinner in front of the television and that is their typical day. As you can clearly see, a lifestyle is going to affect the outcome of your health and body as well. You cannot expect to eat meat and fried stuff in front of the television and remain lean and healthy now, can you?

Why Should You Influence Lifestyle?
If there is a possibility that you can influence your own lifestyle and the one of those around you, you definitely should. Families are important to everyone and their health should also matter you. And of course, you are going to become a parent someday if you are not one already. It is best to get into good habits and to avoid a sedentary lifestyle for the benefit of future generations as well. Your parents would also require a change in their routine if it is an unhealthy one because as they grow older, it will start to show and nowadays the occurrence of different diseases is more than ever before. There are so many people around with cholesterol problems and are told to change their diet. It’s best to not let it get to that point!

How Can You Influence Lifestyle?
There are multiple ways to do that. It won’t be easy, there would be a lot of backlash from your family and friends so be prepared for that. However, looking at the bigger picture, it is necessary to turn towards healthier habits for the sake of your own health and that of those around you. Here are a few ways you can influence lifestyle:

  • Set an example yourself. It will not be as effective if you say something and then not follow it yourself or wait for others to start with you. Just do it on your own first and then when you start outlining its benefits, it is most likely that others will follow as well.
  • Talk about doing it together. For instance, if you want to join the gym or go swimming for the summer, include others in it as well. Even if it takes a little convincing, try that they share this experience with you too.
  • Introduce healthier foods into the house or a healthier environment in the kitchen. Ask your parents to stock fruits and different vegetables and have a balanced diet rather than eat too much of anything.
  • If your family is into what celebrities are doing, as some do like to follow stars, guide them to the ones who are living a healthier lifestyle!

Changing your lifestyle is not as easy but is not that difficult either. It is actually a mixture of the two. Once you make up your mind, you will probably end up doing some good in the house but in order to make up that mind and realize your own way of living is also essential. Hence, for the long and happy life of those around you, and for the sake of your own, a healthier lifestyle is the influence you need to bring about.

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