Introduction And Background

Losing weight is not a simple thing to be honest. There are many things which aid to it and there are many things which hinder it, even if you are trying your best to diet. For instance, a person who is eating less and walking for an hour daily is bound to lose more weight than a person who is eating less but not exercising at all. In the same manner, the most basic human requirement – sleep – is also pretty important in weight loss. Read on further to find out why it is so.

The Connection Of Sleep And Weight Gain
You might be wondering why in the world would sleep make you gain weight. For one, your metabolism slows down when you are sleeping as compared to you using more energy for being awake and alert. But this is not the case. There have been countless studies and almost everyone has agreed on the fact that if you don’t get enough sleep, you will gain weight or hinder your weight loss process. So how can you gain weight?

  • Since you are not getting enough sleep, you need things to keep you awake. Half the world does that with coffee or tea and there are bouts of sugar in it! Some even get addicted to energy drinks or perhaps chocolate just to keep themselves awake. This could lead to a lot of calorie intake and your body will not adjust to this routine. Then, you will only be gaining weight.
  • Your metabolism is not functioning properly if you are sleep deprived. A lot of college students who pull all-nighters frequently complain of weight gain even if they are not having snacks to keep themselves awake. The fact is, their metabolism slows down after working consistently and thus it makes them gain weight. Your body needs to rest in order to function well the next morning.

How Getting Enough Sleep Can Make You Lose Weight
Now that you know who sleep deprivation can make you gain weight, you should know how getting enough sleep can make you lose weight! If you are on a diet and are not getting enough sleep, time to start dozing off for a good many hours then. These points below will further convince you of this cause.

  • When you are sleeping on time, it stops you from opening the fridge and having a late night snack. Think about it yourself, every single time one of us is awake during the late hours of the night, a trip to the kitchen is a must. Either one does it to stay awake or perhaps the hunger pangs are not controllable while awake. This basically means that you are gaining more calories and your metabolism is also slow. Now, what will that do! Hence, if you sleep on time, you can avoid those late night snacks.
  • Studies have shown that people who sleep well burn twenty percent more calories doing the same things as compared to those who haven’t gotten enough sleep. This should be an incentive enough to try and get a good night’s sleep. Your body should not feel tired and weary but rather young and energetic. And you’ll get to lose more calories this way!
  • If you get enough sleep, you burn more fat off your body. There was an exercise performed by several students and it showed that while almost all of them lost the same amount of weight, those we who were well rested lost fat in half that weight compared to the others who only lost a quarter or less of theirs. If you haven’t gotten any sleep yet, you be trying to sleep right about now!
  • Sleepless people who are tired and exhausted generally look for unhealthier options for eating. They might open a bag of chips rather than boil an egg or they might just be munching on biscuits rather than cutting fruit for themselves. This also makes you gain weight really fast and before you know it, you’ve gained ten pounds!
  • Those who get enough sleep have a generally slimmer waistline.
  • Getting enough sleep saves you from buzzing on energy drinks or taking in cups and cups of coffee. You might not think much of it but these drinks have a lot of calories. Where else do you get that energy boost from?

Now you are well aware of the importance of sleep in weight loss and you should know that if you don’t get enough of it, what will become of you. Act smartly and even if your routine does not permit you to sleep for eight hours, still sleep. Some is better than none! And perhaps not getting enough sleep might be the reason behind your obesity in the first place.


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