Introduction And Background
When you have decided to lose weight, there are some things that you must already have in your mind that and number one on that list is that it is not that easy to lose weight. Some might say that it is but it is different for everyone and most of the people, actually ninety percent of them, will say that it is a tough process and can only happen if you have true determination. There are hurdles and obstacles that you will have to face but the good part is that you can overcome them. This article will aim to explain to you the hurdles that you can encounter while losing weight and what you can do about them and how you can cross them. By the end of this article, you will know about the main things that can prove to be hurdles as well as how you can stop them.

The Biggest Of All Hurdles – Appetite
Having a control on your appetite is tough and for those of you who have not tried it yet, don’t think of it as an easy hurdle till you have tried to overcome it. And the thing that you all have to accept is that without controlling or suppression the appetite, it is impossible for you to lose weight or to even think towards that area. Imagine a day you were really hungry and had nothing to eat in the house. Now imagine that you are really hungry and can eat but have to control yourself not to. Seems tough, doesn’t it? But you have to do it. There is no way you can think of losing weight if you do not control what you eat. The only way your weight loss process is going to start is when you burn more calories than you are taking in. And that can only happen if you do not eat any junk food or anything of that sort because there are a lot of calories in such stuff, especially empty calories. Thus, eat less and eat things that do not make you fat. And it will be difficult, especially when the hunger pangs will drive you crazy.

How To Suppress The Appetite?
Now that you are aware of the biggest hurdle, you must be wondering how to overcome it. Well, there are techniques that you can apply to gradually reduce the appetite and be content with what you eat because it is not going to happen in one day. You need to drink water about ten to fifteen minutes before every meal so that half of the stomach is already filled with water. Eat fiber or protein foods more because they take time to digest and stay in the stomach longer, which means you will feel hungry after a longer period of time. There are foods as well such as fruits and vegetables and nuts that have appetite suppressing powers and do not give you many calories. Almond is one of them. An apple is the other.

Another Hurdle – Wanting To Exercise
Those who are obese and want to lose weight usually hate exercising or doing any physical activity which is the reason why they gained so much weight in the first place. It is hard for a person to initiate exercising and to bring it in their daily routine. But it is a hurdle that they have to cross. Otherwise…the weight loss process is going to be very slow.

How To Want To Exercise?
Motivate yourself. Make sure the end game is in your mind so that you would want to reach it quickly and no matter what, exercise regularly for at least four days. By the fifth day, you will feel incomplete if you haven’t exercised and will get into the habit of it. Having a gym buddy also helps because that person can take you if you aren’t in the mood or vice versa. But you have to exercise or go for a jog otherwise the weight loss process is going to be very slow.

The Hurdle Of Slow Metabolism And How To Overcome It?
You might notice that you lose weight fast initially and then you suddenly either stop losing it on the same diet or it becomes very slow. In order to overcome it, you need to have a cheat day. Having a cheat day will give your metabolic rate a kick-start. But have a cheat day once in two weeks, don’t start cheating every other day!

These are the major hurdles that you will have to cross during your weight loss regime. Another thing that could be is that you perhaps don’t like the food in your diet or are a vegetarian and need to find different sources of protein other than meat. However, these vary from person to person. The obstacles above, everyone encounters!

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