Introduction And Background

Our standards have increased a lot and now even being size zero is not uncommon anymore. And still, there are millions of people who are desperately trying to be at least the average weight from their overweight selves. Well, in times like these you only wish there for something that could help you reduce your weight. Everyone tries those electric belts but it ends up either becoming too warm or burning their stomachs. People try to gym but then they get tired of not seeing any results despite working themselves out. Well, for these people, the answer is the HCG diet.


What Is The HCG Diet?
I think you all know the answer to the question but for those of you who don’t, the HCG diet is actually a dieting process which focuses on the HCG drops and asks you to control your food intake to about making it five hundred calories per day. The HCG in the diet stands for Human Chorionic Gonadotropin which is also essentially the hormone used to make the HCG drops. Since they are homeopathic in nature, the hormone is used in diluted levels. There is no need to be wary or cautious though because the hormone used is actually a naturally occurring hormone in the body!


How Does The HCG Hormone Make You Lose Weight? How Does It Help In The Diet?

The thing is, everyone knows what the HCG hormone does and that it is used to manufacture the drops we take during the diet. What we don’t really know is how the hormone works to make us lose weight?  A lot of people are happy with the success with which the drops work on their body to make them lose weight immensely fast but they do not understand how it is happening. People who have the intake of even lesser than five hundred calories per day claim to have lose just a little weight in a lot of time, not the opposite! Read the points to know how the HCG hormone makes you lose weight!


  • The HCG hormone reduces our hunger pangs. Since the calorie intake is really little and we have to spread it all through the day to ensure balanced meals, the HCG hormone helps to put us at ease with the amount that we are eating. It is believed that HCG takes away our appetite! HCG is present in pregnant women and is the hormone which is tested to ensure their pregnancy. A funny fact you’ll like to know, it is again believed that this hormone is the reason why they feel nauseous in the initial stages of their pregnancy.
  • Hormonal imbalance is another reason for weight gain in most people. We do not really know it but even the slightest changes of levels in a few hormones in the body can cause us to gain weight. A good example of this is the thyroid hormone. However, the HCG hormone helps to make more hormones which can set the imbalance straight. This is another use of HCG for diet help.
  • HCG does not make you lose any muscle weight during the diet. It only gets rid of the brown fat present in the body.


HCG Hormone does not make you lose weight, it only helps you to lose weight. You are making most of the effort by cutting down on the food and the HCG hormone is only working around you to help in the agenda.


Injections Or Drops Of The Hormone?

This is still an ongoing debate. Many people are in favor of the oral drop because it is easier and less painful but others claim that the injection is the only proper way to take the hormone because it is directed right into the blood stream. With the oral way, the hormone has to go through several areas and it might as well dissolve while reaching the bloodstream. It is better to take injections of the HCG hormone but if the drops seem to suit you then that is fine too.


The Benefits Of The Hormone

Well, there are many benefits of this hormone diet which are outlined below:


  • It makes you lose weight incredibly fast or rather helps you to lose weight incredibly fast!
  • Since the hormone is naturally occurring and is safely manufactured the homeopathic way, there are absolutely no side effects to using it in the HCG diet.
  • You will save yourself from the obesity depression in no time!



Now that you know how the HCG hormone actually works, you should not be cautious or afraid anymore. If you want to go on the HCG diet, just make sure that you have to lose a lot of weight and not just a few pounds because of the fast weight loss process and you’ll be fine!

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