Introduction And Background
When a person starts to diet, they just don’t stop eating and starve themselves without having a proper plan first. There has to be a proper plan where the person should know about what food they are going to have and how to go about their diet. It also matter on how much weight you want to lose and in what amount of time you want to lose it. A person who wants to lose about 10 kg in a span of a month will have to work harder than the person who wants to lose about half of that in the same amount of time. And there is one thing that all dieters really hate; the hunger pangs and the cravings. If these two things did not exist, every diet would go smoothly. In fact, obesity would be eradicated from the world if people wanted to be thin! However, you can deal with the hunger pangs and the cravings. Know how? Crush them with a high protein diet!

Why Protein?
This is a smart question as well as a dumb one. Firstly, protein is one nutrient that you cannot let go of, no matter what diet you are following. If you want to have a normal and healthy body, do not let go of protein. But why is protein used to crush the cravings? Well, there are many reasons behind that. Here are some of them that would make sense to you, especially if you are not a science student and do not understand mostly how the body works from the inside:

  • A very important fact that helps protein to crush your cravings is that protein takes a longer time to digest in the stomach. If you have eaten food with high protein content, it will stay in the stomach a lot longer as opposed to something sweet or something fattening. Since it takes a longer time to digest, it obviously makes sense that your stomach will be full for longer which means that your hunger pangs will be at bay for longer. This is the reason that most nutritionists advise people to have a high protein meal for breakfast. It will help them get through the day without snacking up on something till lunchtime where they can easily have their lunch then at due time. It will save up on a lot of calories as well!
  • Protein does not have that many calories, this fact is known to all. It is the last source of energy because it mostly helps in building and repair in the body, its job is not to provide energy. Thus it is the safest option to have in high content. No one is going to tell you to have a high fat meal or a high sugar meal! That would be the worst advice in dieting history. Hence, having a high protein meal is what you need considering it is a macronutrient which is going to help and it will not make you fat anyway.

High Protein Diet
So how will you crush your cravings with a high protein diet? What can you possibly have during your meals that will help? Let’s start with breakfast, the most important meal of the day. It is what gets your body going and you should definitely concentrate on how it will help you crush your cravings because remember, you spend the most active time of your day surviving on breakfast.

What you can have during breakfast are eggs. They have high protein content and are the most basic things you can have during breakfast! Along with it, some cheese for calcium but other than that, you are fine with eggs. You can even have two if you want. Concentrate on the white part more, it has all the protein. You can leave the yolk out, that has all the fat.

One should have a heavy lunch. You can have fish or chicken, grilled or boiled of course. Frying these things loses the essence and gives you empty calories. You should have a salad or some fruit as well, to balance things out.

Now with dinner, you have to be careful not to have carbs. You can have a high protein meal, perhaps a different meat from the one you had at lunch. You can have turkey if you had fish during lunch. But be careful not to have any carbs. You can have vegetables with it but avoid fruits because of the carbs.

Crushing your cravings with a high protein diet is going to help you. You will not feel as hungry as compared to a diet which had sweets and what not! Hence, do not hesitate to follow a high protein diet but make sure that you have fruits and vegetables along with it as well, those which do not have many calories in them!

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