Introduction And Background
Controlling hunger is one of the top things you have to do while dieting. An obese person loves to eat; it’s such an obvious thing. Otherwise they wouldn’t be obese now, would they? Now, obese people have the largest of appetites and it becomes difficult and overbearing to control those appetites. This is the major reason why most diets fail, because people have large appetites and they are unable to control their hunger pangs throughout the day. Eventually, after a few hours or a day or two, they give in to those hunger pangs and cheat on their diets. Hence, one of the most important things you can do is to control your hunger throughout the day. And how does that work? It works only if you can suppress your appetite. Read the article further to find out about the list of things you can do to control your hunger throughout the day, starting with…

Drink Water Before Every Meal
This is the most basic and helpful thing you can do while on a diet. The thing is, controlling hunger is not an easy task but with you can make it bearable with the little things. Drinking water before eating something ensures that you have already filled up half of the space of the stomach with water which means that you are already half full before eating. Hence, you will eat a little and feel content. This is a mechanism to suppress the appetite and it eventually helps control your hunger throughout the day as you do not feel the need to eat unnecessarily and are happy with what you have eaten.

Eat Proteins, Especially For Breakfast
Proteins are the most basic unit of all foods. You can live without carbs and fats but you cannot skip out on proteins, they are that important. And they are beneficial for other reasons as well. Proteins take a longer time to digest, that means they are in your stomach for a longer period of time as compared to other components of the food pyramid. Hence, it is likely that you will stay away from food and cravings for a number of hours. It is important to have a heavy protein meal for breakfast so that you do not give in to futile cravings before lunch. Eat proteins and you’re set.

Take Your Time To Say No
Psychiatrists say that before you suddenly devour what you are craving, take a good look at it and for a full ten seconds shake your head and say no to it. The ten second interval will probably make you see sense and there is more than a fifty percent chance that you won’t give in to your cravings after that. So if we all took that time to realize our end goal and how we might mess it up by eating that slice of cake or that ice-cream, we would all come to our senses and control the hunger pangs that we are feeling. In the end, the game is all about appetite suppression.

Find Things That Control Your Hunger
With research and knowledge going places nowadays, it has become even easier for people to suppress their hunger because they know now what to eat and how many calories it has. For instance, there are certain fruits that do not give many calories but are appetizing and can keep hunger at bay. Apples and berries are an example of such fruits. Another thing is almond. Almonds are also pretty terrific at controlling hunger pangs and although small, they are surprisingly fulfilling.

Keep Low-Calorie Snacks
Don’t torture yourself. Control the hunger pangs smartly. You can keep low-fat snacks around like crackers. They have less carbs and some of them are even filled with vitamins and minerals. Having snacks around the house does you good. You can even have natural snacks like perhaps raw fruits or in a blended juice format, whatever you like. Don’t think that you have to starve. You can control your hunger gradually as well so that your appetite reduces and it goes away for good rather than starving yourself, hating everything around you while doing it and also causing yourself the worst kind of nutritional deficiency.

There are many methods to control your hunger now. Some people even use apple cider vinegar, citing it as one of the most terrific appetite suppressants. And vinegar isn’t even fattening! What’s more, it’s pretty good for health. Coconut oil has the same reviews about it so don’t be worried. All you need to do is find out what ticks, do a little research and you are well and good on your way to removing the hunger pangs from your life. Pretty soon, you’ll be controlling your hunger and losing weight!


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