Healthy living is something which should be a part of our daily lives and due to the way our society has developed, doing so has been becoming more and more difficult for a lot of people. With so many indulgences to treat yourself to, it would be difficult for anyone to stay on the right track for too long. One of these indulgences is our parties that are home to fine treats and snacks that taste so delicious that we simply ignore the fact that most of them are also very harmful for us. Since we can’t just say no to every party that we are invited to and why would we anyway, it is a good idea to learn how to manage your eating habits when you are out enjoying. In order to help you with your quest for maintaining a good health and at the same time enjoying a party properly, we have created this guide which can help you out a lot.

Portion control

The whole point of going to a party is to indulge you in delicious treats so taking things off the list would be a really bad idea. The thing that you should do is control the amount of food you actually eat. According to research, the best taste that you can get from any food is in the first few bites. This means you can enjoy all the different treats without going on a fully fledged binge-fest. If you follow this routine when visiting parties you can easily contain the amount of food you end up consuming and therefore avoid gaining the extra pounds. Another thing that you can do is make sure that you go for the foods that have the least number of calories and although all party foods are equally damaging, every effort counts.

Managing your drinks

A party cannot be complete without a load of beer, cocktails and wine to indulge the guests. While it is great fun to drink your way through the night, you must also realize that all these drinks are loaded with calories. What you should do is compliment each drink for a glass of water. This way, not only will you have a chance at staying sober by the end of the party if you need to drive, you can also keep your calorie intake low. Last but not the least; consume at least 2-3 glasses of water to make sure that your thirst is properly quenched. This will not only keep your drink consumption low, it will also help with your food consumption.

Distract yourself

To avoid the cravings you may be having by seeing all the delicious snacks around you, you can find something to distract you from it. This could be anything from chewing a gum or finding some other activity in the party that doesn’t involve eating or drinking. It may sound too difficult to do but you will be surprised at how easy and fun this can be if you really make the effort.


The thing that is most important for you is to make sure that you don’t leave all your efforts to the party. There is always a chance that you won’t be completely careful and to balance that, you can spend your next day in an active manner and eating healthy. Eat proper breakfast, hydrate yourself properly and spend your time doing something physically demanding.


Unless you are a self control guru, there is a big chance you will not be able to do all the things mentioned here in one go. However, what you must remember is that it is your effort that counts and once you form a habit, you will not only be able to achieve your targets, you will also enjoy your parties even more.

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