Introduction And Background
There is a factor that we often do not consider when we are thinking about the wellbeing and weight of our body. That factor is sleep. We often think of sleep as a resting factor and of course, everyone needs rest. But there are some people out there who think staying up a good number of hours and sleeping very little will burn calories and will probably get the best of bodies. People need to understand the importance of sleep more and how necessary and imperative it is to the lifecycle of developing a good body and maintaining it. This article will tell you about the importance of sleep and how much you should be sleeping on a daily basis for optimum health and body.

Firstly, you need to understand a concept that many people think about but it is the wrong one. Many people think that if they sleep less, they will be awake a greater number of hours which means that their body is going to be burning more calories and chances are that they will lose weight. This is wrong. Do you know why? Well, here are a few things which will tell you how unhealthy it actually is to compromise on proper sleep and not sleep a good number of hours. This might help you to get to your bed and catch up on lost sleep if there is any!

  • Your body needs to rest after a while and cannot remain alert and moving for longer periods of time. It wears down your muscles and even your brain and gets you on the point of exhaustion. And this does not happen only for the outward organs but also for the chemical reactions that are being taken place. If you think your metabolic rate is going to speed up if you are awake a great number of hours, you are wrong. It will in fact slow down after a while because obviously, your body needs to rest. And if it isn’t getting that the best reflex mechanism it can provide is to slow down the metabolism.
  • If you are awake, chances are you will munch on things and try to eat things that are easily available rather than concentrate on healthy eating. This means that you could end up gaining weight rather than losing it and your eating habits will face a downward spiral as well. This is what happens to students during exams. They are awake a good number of hours and often have bags of chips or sodas because they are too tired to cook or to get something healthy. And of course, they need the energy to stay awake as well. It turns out to be very unhealthy for them as they might gain weight. Some students lose weight but those are the ones who forget to eat when they are studying!

How Much Sleep Should You Have Then?
Not too little, as you can clearly see above and not too much either. That will turn you into a lazy person and pretty soon you won’t be able to get out of bed because you’ll love staying in it. The proper amount of sleep for every human being is a good and healthy seven to eight hours in a stretch. Don’t think of dividing it, four hours here and five hours there. You will feel tired and worn out and have a disturbed cycle this way. Sleep on time and wake up on time and that is usually the night, when everyone else is sleeping too and you can have a peaceful undisturbed sleep.

Should Naps Be Included?
Taking naps can help at times if you have one in the evening but that usually makes it difficult to sleep early during the night and you often end up sleeping around midnight and then wake up early and then have to take a nap. It can disturb the entire cycle but if it suits you, there is nothing wrong with it. Naps can often help to energize you if you are feeling tired and they can be good to get you all fresh for the evening or early night. You can even end up taking a nightly stroll if you are in a good mood, right?

For A Good Body…
Sleep is necessary. You will be more productive and active and won’t be worn out or tired. You can see the difference yourself when there is a person who has had enough sleep and the one who has not. Even the skin color and tone of the person who has had enough sleep looks healthier!

Seven to eight hours is enough sleep for you. It can even go up to nine hours but people mostly wake up after eight hours, their body being well rested and they being in a good mood themselves.

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