How Does Dieting Affect Metabolism

Introduction And Background

Dieting never gets old. It will never get old! Just the other day a new fast food joint opened around the corner and everyone was lining up to try it out. Even I did even though I had had dinner. See, the temptations never end which means the weight gain would never end which means the dieting shall never end. However, dieting may be the key to weight loss but it is not as healthy as we think it is. There are things that affect our body that we get to know in the long run. Dieting affects our skin, it affects our hair. Those who starve themselves become very unhealthy and the metabolism is also affected.

The Slowness Of Things
Dieting slows down our metabolism. This is the main reason why dieters complain that their weight loss has suddenly taken a slow turn. Their metabolic rate has reduced considerably and that means that they burn calories at a slower late. Metabolic rates matter a lot as you will read further.

How Does Metabolic Rate Affect Weight Loss?
Ever heard of those people who eat as much as they want but they never seem to gain any weight? Why is that so? They don’t have a magic wand that can simply make their fat disappear at a twist and flick. The thing they do have is a fast metabolism. Their metabolic rate, even while sleeping, is faster than the normal which is why they burn more calories than normal which is why they do not gain weight. So yes…you have to ensure while dieting that your metabolic rate does not fall down and that your weight loss remains at the normal level.

How To Ensure That The Metabolic Rate Will Not Slow Down?
There are a few steps you can take to ensure that your metabolic rate will not fall down. Dieting cannot be compromised on since there is no other way you will ever lose weight, except for liposuction maybe. However, one must diet the healthy way.

  • Do not starve yourselves. Diets are usually well planned but if you’re going on a diet on your own, make sure that you do not starve yourself. It will affect your health quite badly and you will face severe deficiencies. Once a friend of mine just started eating a lot less than his usual meals because he wanted to lose weight. His gums started to bleed after a few weeks. He brought on himself a deficiency of vitamin C. Hence, make sure you do not do starve yourself. It will slow down your metabolic rate, your weight loss rate and will put you through the acutest kind of misery at the slowness of things.
  • Always have breakfast. If you skip out on breakfast, you’re doing something horrible for yourself. Everyone has breakfast but some people skip it in a hurry or just have enough time for a bite of things. This is not the way to do it. Having a proper meal at breakfast time is extremely important. It is the start to your metabolic rate and will fasten up things for you for the entire day.
  • Nutritionists say that one should always have either proteins or carbohydrates in breakfast. They will liven up things for you for the entire day and your metabolic rate will increase this way. The whole world has eggs for breakfast which is a protein rich food. Some have toasted bread or French toast which is a carb rich meal. Eat the proper way.
  • Do not skip on any meal. You can vary the timings for the meal but make sure you have three proper meals for the entire day. If you skip on dinner, your metabolic rate will get even lower than usual while sleeping. If you skip breakfast…well, you know the importance of breakfast. Lunch comparatively holds a lesser value but if you skip it, you might get cranky and irritable.

Exercise also plays a major role in moving up the metabolic rate. Diets usually contain a hefty amount of exercise or walks for you so that you can get on the weight loss track immediately. Everyone wants fast results. You will get fast results if you diet in the right manner, without lowering your metabolic rate.

You have read about the importance of metabolic rate. Think again before starving yourselves. Two people might diet at the same time but the rate of their weight loss might differ. The one who is dieting smartly might lose more weight than the one who is eating even less than usual. Why is that so? That’s right, it is because of the lowering of the metabolic rate. Don’t torture yourself. Diet the right way, keeping your metabolism in mind.

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