Introduction and Background

In the recent years we have been plagued badly by a new problem that is spreading at an alarming speed all over the world and that is the problem of obesity. Currently it is being treated as a very serious type of disease and the reason for that is the fact that not only does it lead to serious health problems it is also not taken very seriously. This lack of seriousness actually accelerates the problem as we keep on getting fatter by the day eating unhealthy food and doing absolutely nothing to counterbalance the excessive amount of calories that we are consuming. However, in recent years researchers have started to pay more attention to this widely spreading problem and several methods have been derived to counter it, the top one being the dieting. Whether or not it is effective is a separate debate but the truth is that if done properly, dieting can be very effective in reversing obesity. There is a particular focus on the foods that we include in our diet to do that and so far, avocados have been very popular as a diet food. To find out more about how it helps in dieting, keep reading.

A fulfilling fruit

The whole point of dieting is to make sure that you keep yourself well fed and at the same time consume as little calories as possible. Avocados help with that process in two different ways. One is the simple fact that each avocado has a total of 3.4 grams of fibrous content in it which is present in both soluble and insoluble form. The fiber is particularly helpful in making sure that your belly remains filled without taking in too much calories. Also the soluble fiber makes the body take much longer to digest the carbohydrates which leads to us feeling full for a much longer time. The second way it helps here is through the oleic acid found in it. This is a type of fat that stimulates our brain into feeling that our stomach is full.

Omega-9 fats

Not all fats are bad and among the good ones is the Omega-9 fats which are not only good for our health, they also help the body in the digestion of fat leading to an increased energy level and slow but steady loss of excess fat. In addition to that, the fats that are found in Avocados are monounsaturated and they are actually very helpful in controlling the levels of insulin that our body produces. It is found that the loss of control in the production of insulin and the glycemic control of the body are major factors behind weight gain and avocados help curb both the problems.

Improvement in metabolism

The overall content of avocados is considered to be perfect for improving the metabolism in the body. Having a good metabolism can be a very effective way of countering the problem of obesity and it can also keep it from occurring again in the future by making sure that your food intake is properly converted into energy instead of being stored. Add to that the fact that it also improves the levels of insulin production and it becomes quite clear as to why avocados are so effective when it comes to improving the body’s nutrient assimilation, energy production and the overall metabolic performance of the digestive system.


This is only the tip of the iceberg as the research for finding out the benefits of avocados continues around the world. When it comes to controlling your body in such a way that it both defeats obesity and maintains a generally healthy level of metabolic activity, it is clear as day that avocados are a must have in your diet. So go ahead and fill up your stock of avocados right away!

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