Introduction And Background
There are some things in this world that are just there for your benefit and no matter how hard you try to make sense out of it, the things just stay the way they are and you can barely find an explanation for it. Honey is one of those things. It tastes immensely sweet so you must think it is all sugar and has only carbs in it because honey does tend to give that illusion. However, if you start reading the benefits of honey not only will you be astonished but you will also wonder why on earth you never took honey in the first place. This article will aim to explain a little about the benefits of honey and then tell what effects it has at night and how you should take it.

The Benefits Of Eating Honey
The benefits are numerous. And not only of eating honey, but also of putting it on the skin but we’ll get to that at the end. First, read the numerous health benefits that honey gives you and be awestruck at this superb liquid that is quite the blessing really!

  • Honey has the ability to prevent cancer and even heart disease at that. This is not the only place where it affects the body. Even ulcers in the stomach or small intestine are somewhat relieved and reduced by this wonder liquid. There are various GIT disorders that are dealt with by following the home remedy of having honey.
  • Honey has terrific antibacterial properties because it contains an enzyme that makes hydrogen peroxide. Along with being antibacterial, honey has antifungal properties in it too. It is time to thank the bees for giving us a natural microorganism fighter!
  • For athletes, eating honey is now instrumental. Why is that so? Honey can maintain blood sugar levels and also keep the glycogen levels at a very healthy rate. This not only provides energy and improves stamina but also keeps the body running on a sugar level which is ideal.
  • Have you ever noticed that when one has a sore throat, mothers often give them honey and not only does their cough get better but their throat gets better too after that? This is because taking a single tablespoon of honey is as effective as any medicine if not more and is an instant reliever.
  • Honey has been known to improve instrumental parts of our body such eyesight, bowel movements, digestion and can even cure impotence and nausea. Research is still being done on all of this but for now, honey does seem to have an effect of which the causative factor is still unknown.
  • Externally, if applied to skin, it can heal the wounds of burns and can also soothe the skin. People often make masks out of honey and apply it on the face for a naturally softer and brighter skin.

Honey At Night
If you take even one tablespoon full of honey at night before you sleep, not only will it help you to sleep better but it will also make your metabolism run at a faster rate which means you will be losing weight while you sleep as well. It allows the liver to effectively rid your body free of toxins and although you must have heard many a times not to eat anything before you sleep, this organic honey is an exception to that rule. You can have and it you must have it!

How To Take Honey At Night?
You don’t have to take glassfuls of honey or anything like that. A simple tablespoon is enough to get all of its effects because honey is sweet and it is somewhat heavy too which means that it will make you full. Thus, a tablespoon or even a teaspoon full of honey will do the miracle you wanted.

When To Take Honey At Night?
Do it right before you sleep. Don’t take it hours before that. The optimum time to take honey is about ten to fifteen minutes before you lay down to sleep. This will ensure that your metabolic rate does not dwindle when you have fallen asleep and you will be burning calories at a faster rate than when you slept and did not take honey!

Why To Take Honey At Night?
Now the why part has been mentioned a countless number of times, that it is healthy for the body and the liver and that weight loss can occur because of this decision!

If you weren’t into honey before, rest assured that you will be now after reading this and will even develop the taste of it after two to three days. Get into the habit of having honey before sleeping at night and see what it does for your health and your weight.

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