Introduction And Background

We all worry and think about dieting, don’t we? We all know why we want to diet and for what purpose but have we really given thought to of how dieting came to exist? We do not think about how it was created or whether or not it is a modern philosophy or just a thing of the past which is gradually being shaped into various diets all over the world. Dieting has a history definitely but the history is not that old. The olden people were not at all accustomed to the phenomenon of dieting which makes it…?

The History Of Dieting
Dieting has a funny history. Over the past century, there were diets and mechanisms on losing weight but then again, no one really had to diet or lose weight because no one was overweight in the first place. And the few that were overweight, now everyone comes to think of some medical problem they must have to be like that in the first place. People of the olden times did not need to diet since they were active and their lives were not the sort where they had to sit in one place and work. For them, dieting did not exist. It is in the past two to three decades that dieting has surfaced as a thing that one cannot live or breathe without now!

Is It A Modern Phenomenon?
Yes, it is. No one really thought of dieting as something that has to be done no matter what – in the olden times of course. Dieting is purely a modern phenomenon thought by the man of the twenty first century and the twentieth too. It does not have much of a history. Usually, only those people were made to diet who had to undergo major surgeries and that wasn’t even dieting. It was just abstinence from food only for a day before they had their surgery. It was considered to be something medical.

A Little More To The Tale…
The first diet that gained a lot of recognition was the Atkins diet, made by Dr. Atkins himself who emphasized on the importance of eating proteins only and the minimal amount of carbohydrates, citing it as the reason behind obesity.

How Is Dieting Advantageous?
There are many people who are against the ideology of dieting but they should know the entire deal before they make such a decision. The right kind of diet is always advantageous. There are certain diets which are not that good such as one that asks you to eat only one fruit for three days. These type of diets can leave you nutritionally deficient at a massive scale. However, no one is asking you to close your eyes and suddenly decide on the diet which seems to be the worst of them all. There are perfect diets which can make you lose weight and not leave you nutritionally deficit. Dieting is advantageous…

  • It helps to keep you slim and smart. Dieting is good for maintaining weight as well as losing it. Once you are used to the idea of eating less, you do not over eat which is immensely good for your health.
  • Obesity is a terrible disease which should be gotten rid of as quickly as possible. If you remain obese, a lot of other diseases can also occur. A lot of fat people suffer from diabetes, heart disease and high cholesterol levels. It becomes dangerous and eventually, they are told to lose weight to overcome all these problems.
  • Dieting helps to keep your body fit and refrains your organs from overworking themselves.
  • Dieting also ensures that your sleeping patterns are fine as obese people are often lazy and tend to sleep more than those who are thin.

Are There Any Bad Sides To Dieting?
There are a few bad sides to dieting but only if you are not sensible in the first place. There are people who diet just for the sake of becoming thinner than they really are which becomes dangerous. There are people who do not think to select a good diet and then they face nutritional deficiencies which can again cause a lot of trouble to them such as bad skin and even hair loss. They can also become lazy and the nutrients and mineral storage of their body can deplete which is not a good thing! Be smart when you begin to diet!

Dieting is actually quite a modern phenomenon and in recent years has become the entire rave. This was inevitable seeing the obesity rate of the world steadily increasing, especially in North America. The general public has become worried about this problem, mostly because they are overweight themselves. Old or new, dieting should be done to overcome obesity.

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