There’s nothing wrong with getting exercise – and it is good for you. What’s not good is trying to overdo the exercise while you’re restricting your calorie intake. This will actually slow down your weight loss while you’re supplementing with hCG.


The only exercises that are recommended for those following the hCG protocol are walking, stretching, and yoga type exercises. And while adding these to your routine is acceptable, you shouldn’t add more than 15 minutes daily.

During the hCG diet, you’ll want to avoid any strenuous exercise such as heavy aerobics, weight training, or any other high intensity program. While your body is safely burning fat, you’re still only consuming 500 additional calories each day.


This low calorie intake can’t support you if you choose to exercise too vigorously. So while you’re in the active Phase Two of the program, you need to back off of exercise and keep things light.


In fact, if you do exercise your body may switch from fat-burning to starvation mode. In this mode it will hold on to every bit of caloric intake it can to save for later. This is the opposite of what you need and want for your weight loss.


For many people, seeing a halt on weight loss causes a lack of motivation to continue the plan. Instead of trying to force something to happen, allow your weight loss to continue naturally and follow the advice to avoid strenuous exercise.


While this may seem difficult for some people, other people find it a welcome relief. The good news is that when you’re in the maintenance phase, you’ll be able to gradually add more exercise into your routine if you want to.


More Motivated During Maintenance


Once you’ve completed Phase Two and are on to the maintenance plan, you may return to the gym if you choose. Many people actually feel more motivated than ever because they’ve lost weight and exercise has become easier.


Instead of feeling heavy on their feet, people who have lost anywhere from 5-40 pounds feel lighter and have more energy than before. Going to exercise won’t feel like as much of a chore as it once did.

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