The HCG Diet has grown in popularity in recent years as a quick and effective way to lose significant amounts of weight. It purports to bring successful results where other diets have previously failed. However, it is the HCG phase 2 recipes, and HCG for men in particular, that raise grave concerns all around.

Some proponents of the diet adhere to the original HCG dietary method created by Dr. Simeon back in the 1960s, while others have put a new spin on HCG phase 2 recipes to incorporate more variety and flavor. Allow us to delve deeper into what HCG phase 2 is, what HCG for men and women means, the potential side effects of phase 2 and what you can really eat during this period.

What Is HCG Phase 2?


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HCG phase 2 recipes are the part of the diet that require a low caloric intake for a period of anywhere from 3 to 6 weeks, depending on your weight loss goals. The original diet created by Dr. Simeon requires you to consume 500 calories per day divided over two meals. This phase is when you are supposed to lose the most weight in the shortest period. In congruence with the low caloric intake, you must take dosages of the HCG hormone daily, either via injection, drop or pellet form. This is also when HCG for men could be a cause for alarm.

HCG Daily Dosages

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The first key element you need to know when considering HCG phase 2 recipes and HCG for men is the daily HCG hormone dosages. During phase 2 of the diet, HCG for men and women is typically administered in quantities of 125 or 150ius via an injection. However, the amount may be prone to variation based on the person’s specific needs. When administering HCG for men or women, you must do the injection once a day, in the morning. However, if you are taking HCG in drop form, you must ingest the hormone three to four times per day.

When adhering to HCG phase 2 recipes, you can also opt to take the hormone in pellet form. Most people take one pellet per day, but you have the option to divide the pellet into two separate dosages if you find that hunger is setting in. Each pellet contains 500ius of the HCG hormone, which is much higher than the amount in the injection. This is because the digestive process absorbs much of the pellet, reducing the potency of the hormone.

Caloric Requirements

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As mentioned previously, under the original diet created decades ago by Dr. Simeon, HCG phase 2 recipes must not exceed 500 calories in a day. Many adherers to the HCG diet follow these caloric guidelines religiously. This can be dangerous when considering HCG for men, because men burn calories faster than women, thus using up their energy stores much more quickly on this stringent dietary regimen. Even if you increase your caloric intake because you are an active person, you are still only permitted to up it by 100 to 250 calories tops. Most people following HCG phase 2 recipes stick to 500 calories a day only.

A newer version of HCG phase 2 recipes and HCG for men has sprung up that allows a slightly higher caloric intake of 800 per day. There are a number of weight loss facilities and HCG books that adhere to this 800 calorie method during phase 2. Many supporters of the diet state that 500 calories per day is enough to keep you full and energized as long as you are taking sufficient HCG hormone dosages. However, other dieters have reported feeling increased energy while still enjoying substantial weight loss on the adjusted 800 calories per day.

Why You Should Think Carefully about Them

Key Considerations

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The low caloric intake and regular injections of the HCG hormone have the potential to bring on some unpleasant side effects. As a side note, the FDA has not approved the HCG hormone as a weight loss drug. In fact, doctors have historically used the hormone as the fertility drug HCG for men and women. The only approved and legitimate source of HCG is obtained by prescription for the sole use of fertility treatments.

Many of the HCG products on the market are not even real versions of the hormone and could be harmful if consumed regularly or simply ineffective. That said, there are major side effects to know of when considering HCG phase 2 recipes and HCG for men and women.

Potential Side Effects of HCG for Men and Women

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For women, irregular periods may occur. The low caloric intake of phase 2 can throw off your cycle, making your periods early, overly heavy or too close together. Regarding HCG for men and women, the diet can also put you at risk for low ferritin levels. For anyone who is borderline or already anemic, this could be life threatening.

An obvious side effect of HCG phase 2 recipes and HCG for men is hunger. At 500 calories a day, it is likely you will get very hungry. While the HCG hormone is supposed to stave off hunger signals, it is not so effective for everyone. Between daily hormone injections and caloric restrictions, some dieters could have rapid heartbeats because of malnutrition and nutritional deficiencies. With HCG for men or women, trying to exercise on this diet could lead to a severe drop in energy levels and even cause injury.

HCG Phase 2 Recipes

“SP” vs “AP” Recipes

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Because of the strict nature of HCG phase 2 recipes, two different recipe protocols have emerged. The first is known as the specific protocol, or SP for short. SP HCG phase 2 recipes use the original ingredients and foods Dr. Simeons desired for the diet in the 1960s.

The second recipe protocol is the alternate protocol, or AP. AP recipes use a few more proteins, vegetables and fruits than SP recipes. They are also widely used by HCG dieters and weight loss clinics to promote significant weight loss while still providing extra nutritional components. You are still fairly limited in terms of caloric intake. You have the option to stick to the 500 calories per day regimen or increase it to 800 calories per day. When considering HCG for men, this is insufficient for most men to stay fueled and energized throughout the day.

Other dieters follow HCG phase 2 recipes at a weight loss clinic and are allowed anywhere from 600 to 1200 calories daily. Again, most HCG dieters stick to the 500 calories per day mark.

What’s Allowed in “SP” Recipes

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Under the original strict protocol or SP HCG phase 2 recipes, they allow you 100 grams of protein twice a day, as many vegetables as you want and set quantities of a few fruits. For instance, you can eat a handful of strawberries, 1 orange, 1 apple, or 1/2 grapefruit. You may enjoy vegetables, like beet greens, chard, asparagus, cabbage, celery, fennel, cucumber, lettuce, spinach, radishes and onions.

It permits lean beef, veal, chicken breast, white fish, shrimp, lobster and crab. You can eat 1 slice of melba toast or 1 grissini stick per day. Spices and herbs to favor your food are allowed. SP recipes forbid you to eat sugary, starchy foods, but you can use sugar-free sweeteners in moderation.

What’s Allowed in “AP” Recipes

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If the original HCG phase 2 recipes and HCG for men has you thinking twice about this diet, you have a few more options with the AP protocol. Protein sources, like bison, chicken, turkey, ham, salmon, tuna, protein powder, Greek yogurt and egg beaters, are allowed. The meats must be mostly or fully fat-free, yogurt should be fat-free and any protein powders should be low-carb options.

You also have a wider selection for vegetables for AP HCG phase 2 recipes and HCG for men. Vegetables like carrots, cauliflower, broccoli, bell pepper, Brussels sprouts and green beans are all allowed. You can also eat mushrooms, kale, greens mixes, zucchini, sprouts, jalapeños, peppers, yellow squash and capers.

It enhances your fruit options as you can eat choices like apricots, blueberries, blackberries, cranberries, pears, plums, peaches and raspberries. Quantities are limited. For instance, you can have 1 small plum or 1/2 peach. You can use additional flavoring agents, like nut milks, red curry paste, lime juice, coconut oil, bouillon and nutritional yeast to boost HCG phase 2 recipes. They allow carbs like a Wasa cracker, 1/4 smart bun or 2 Stoned Wheat thins.


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Are you determined to start this diet. or are you thinking twice about HCG phase 2 recipes and HCG for men? The original diet in combination with injections of the HCG hormone has the potential to create a perfect storm. If you still think this diet could be the weight loss solution for you, consider adhering to the alternative protocol diet that at least allows more options for food and nutritional content. Otherwise, you could find yourself malnourished and weakened in no time flat.

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