Introduction And Background

There are a lot of mechanisms which are used in this world to do one thing. If you want to put a nail in, there is a hammer but then there are other tools as well with which you can do the same thing, maybe even better and more accurately. The same way, weight loss has a lot of mechanisms and phenomenon which are quite common and also useful to the dieters. If someone likes vegetables, there is a vegetables diet that they can do. If someone likes chicken, they can do the protein diet and stick to it. Hence, there are various options to explore. However, there is also the HCG diet…this diet is for what kind of people? What is its role and function in humans? What does HCG even stand for and how reliable is it? These are questions you might want to ask and you’re going to get the answers right here. Just scroll below to educate yourself on HCG.

HCG is actually a hormone. HCG is just the abbreviation but it actually stands for Human Chorionic Gonadotropin. This hormone was actually discovered in pregnant women and it is most useful to them. The hormone also forms the basis of pregnancy tests since it is the HCG which is released in the urine a few days after pregnancy occurs that a woman’s test comes out positive. HCG has various roles but what exactly is the role in humans and their diet?

The HCG Diet
The HCG diet was formed soon enough when this wonder hormone was utilized to make people lose weight. Dr. Simeons is considered to be the founder of the HCG diet. It was he who discovered that malnourished women were able to produce healthy babies and they did it by utilizing their stored fat as nutrition for their babies in the uterus. When he discovered it was the HCG hormone that did all this, there was no going back from there. Only time was there and the HCG diet had been formed. The diet consists of HCG drops and meal plans that do not exceed the five hundred calorie limit per day. This might seem a lot less and might make you think about starvation but it is actually easier than it sounds. Read on further to find out why.

The HCG Role And Function In Humans
Well, HCG has a lot of roles in a human’s life. There is of course the fact that the hormone works naturally but it works for weight loss as well. Below are a few points which are related to the natural course of things as well as the diet. Surprise yourself!

  • HCG is of course extremely important for the pregnant women. As said before that is the basis behind some pregnancy tests but that is not all that HCG does. Its role develops into easing out and giving the fetuses the well deserved nutrition they so badly require from their mothers. It is actually released by syncitiotropoblasts.
  • HCG is also the formation of basis for the diet that was mentioned above, the HCG diet. It actually helps in utilizing all the stored fat inside for energy. It will help immensely because it helps you to finally get rid of the area of fat that you thought wasn’t accessible at all. The drops of the HCG diet use HCG in diluted portions in a homeopathic solution.
  • HCG diet also helps you to suppress the appetite. The five hundred calories limit per day is too much for people but when someone does the HCG diet, they do not find it as hard as they had thought it would be. In fact, it has somewhat the opposite effect.
  • HCG also manages to raise your metabolic levels which again help you to burn all that stored fat.

HCG Benefits
Aside from the above mentioned benefits, you should know that the HCG diet is homeopathic in nature and has absolutely no side effects. Think about it yourself. Homeopathic is a safe form of medicine and the diet’s main thing is a hormone which is already present inside the body so there is no alien thing going in there! HCG diet also makes you lose weight incredibly fast. Those who have done the diet were immensely happy at seeing their weighing scales at least three to four kilograms less in just a week’s time. No other diet will probably give you such fast weight loss which is also visible.

HCG is a wonder hormone and probably the answer to obesity in a generation which thrives on food. Ever since its discovery, research has been going into full advance to discover even more benefits from the HCg diet.

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