Introduction and background

There is a lot of confusion that comes in the package of all the new diets on the block. One of them is HCG. With such fast weight loss, no one really knows how it works and many people without any knowledge are negative about it. They do not look at the reviews or the fact that this diet is without any side effect. That’s wrong. Here, you will get facts about the HCG diet and what it really is and how it works. Then perhaps all the negativity will be gone behind this turn of the century discovery.


What Are HCG drops?

HCG stands for Human Chorionic Gonadotropin. It is basically a hormone, a hormone which is already present inside our body. HCG drops are this particular hormone and are manufactured into homoeopathic drops which can be aided in weight loss. They are not harmful for you since your body already contains them. You just get more of it to enable the weight loss process.


How Does It Work?

HCG drops elevates your metabolism level. You burn the fat stored on your body without any compensation on the muscles. Since this hormone is already present inside the body, the body does not treat it as an alien substance and lets it work its magic. It targets the fat only because energy is being utilized by them as the metabolism level is raised.


How Fast Is The Weight Loss?

If there is anything you’ve heard about the HCG diet, it is that the weight loss is incredibly fast. People are known to lose about up to seven kilograms in a number of a few days, as few as ten! Many would have hesitations about safety and health with such fast a weight loss but it really isn’t of any danger if you do everything as the instructions tell you to.


Do I Have To Eat Less?

Yes, you have to curtail a little on the foods you eat. There is a certain calorie limit that you have to follow daily if you are on the HCG drops. If you do not follow this, it will certainly affect your overall weight loss and the speed with which you are losing weight.


Do I Have To Exercise?

With the HCG diet, the best thing many dieters would like is that you are forbidden to exercise. It will actually hinder the weight loss process if you perform strenuous exercises. You can walk daily if you feel the need to move around but do not go to the gym or tire yourself out while on the HCG diet.


What Things I Need To Know About The HCG Diet?

There are some things you should be aware about the HCG diet.
• The HCG diet does not come cheap. It is effective and is known to do wonders for weight loss and is probably the quickest weight loss process around. However, these things are not inexpensive.
• There is a specific weight you would need to reduce with the HCG diet. For instance, those people who want to lose just a little weight are strongly recommended not to turn towards the HCG diet because of the rapid and effective weight loss.
• There is also a certain age group that can have HCG drops. Children under ten are told not to turn to this and to lose weight the natural way if they are dangerously obese.
• Always consult a physician before turning towards this diet to make sure it does not contrast with any other condition that might be present.


Is The HCG Diet Safe?

Yes, the HCG diet is safe. It has not side effects at all. Some might experience a little headache but that comes naturally once you start changing your eating patterns and eating less. It does not necessarily mean it is because of the HCG diet. Because the HCG diet confirms that it is without any health issues and dilemmas or any side effects. It really is the best weight loss package around, especially for those obese people who are tired of trying to lose weight and who do not want to take so much time at it.



The HCG diet is beneficial for you, only if you let it be. Follow the instructions and check out where the scales are. You’d be surprised. You already know what you need to about the HCG diet. Finally, always choose the safest and highly recommended HCG drops to avoid disappointment about the results.


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