Introduction And Background

Aren’t we all looking for the perfect diet? We have so many options to lose weight that it takes us more time to decide which one to do compared to the time we spend dieting! We become confused because there are so many success stories and so many disappointments that it takes a toll on us deciding which course to go on. There are vegetable diets, protein diets and even carb diets and there are some diets which have all of the three. The mechanism of every diet is planned and thought out but sometimes it works for some people and not for others. However, this article is about a diet which can work for all. And that is, of course, the HCG diet.

What Is The Mechanism Of The HCG Diet?
The HCG diet has a different mechanism from all the other diets that exist. It is basically a diet which consists of a control on what you eat and the intake of HCG drops. Now, you’ll be wondering what exactly is HCG and what does it stand for. HCG stands for Human Chorionic Gonadotropin which is a hormone that is present inside the body. It is naturally present so you do not have to worry about taking in something alien that your body can have a reaction to. The HCG drops are made from the hormone in a diluted homeopathic form for intake as instructed for a time. It makes you lose weight by changing your metabolic rate to become faster as well as decreasing your appetite so that the calorie limit your are instructed to take becomes bearable for you.

Does The HCG Diet Work?
Not being biased or anything, but the HCG diet has a very high success rate. Those who have done the diet sincerely have had no complaints but a quick road to a thin body. The HCG diet is known to work for almost everyone who has followed the instructions completely and the testimonials all brag about how amazing this diet is. And no one can doubt it because there is scientific evidence to support this claim as well as a number of people who have done the diet.

What Is The Success Rate Of The Diet?
It is high. The exact number is not entirely researched but it is prominently true to say that there is a ninety five percent above success rate of the HCG diet.

How Quick Is The Weight Loss?
The weight loss is really quick, unbelievably fast. It is the answer to the prayers of those people who were tired of dieting for months and months without any significant weight loss to show. In the HCG diet, you can lose up to three to five kilograms in just a little more than a week! That is a huge deal. People can work for weeks and weeks and they are still unable to lose that much weight.

Are There Any Side Effects To This Diet?
This is a major benefit of the HCG diet. Usually, when you are not dieting the natural way and taking some sort of pills for the body, you worry about the side effects. You worry that you might be sacrificing something in order to be thin. You worry that any kind of thing can happen to your body whether it is the onset of pimples or hair loss or any other such effect. With the HCG diet, you have nothing to worry about. It might be hard to believe that a diet so good with such quick weight loss can only be positive for the dieter with no negative side but it is true. Some have complained of having minor headaches but that can also be because you are suddenly eating a lot less than you used to. It tends to bring headaches to people. There is one thing to keep in mind though. Since the weight loss is fast, this diet is not for those people who are trying to lose only a few pounds. It can be done to maintain the weight too but that is also done differently, not in the proper HCG manner. Thus, it is only for really obese people who are looking to lose a lot of weight.

Is There Exercise Involved?
This is good news for all those couch potatoes. Exercise is not necessary for the HCG diet. In fact, it is believed to inhibit the weight loss process! You do not need to put work outs in your daily routine. However, if you do want to then strolling around or going for a walk is fine but nothing more strenuous than that.

The HCG diet will work for you if you follow the instructions of all the phases and take your HCG drops on time.


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