Introduction And Background

The HCG diet should not need an introduction with the hype that is being created in the media about this particular diet. The thing is, the dieters of this century really need something good to make them lose weight. They are unwilling to work harder and they are impatient for the results. The HCG diet is the only diet that probably gives them what they need. This diet is unique in its own way. Read on further to know more about the HCG diet and to see how it is different from all the other diets in the market.

The Mechanism Of The HCG Diet
Many people keep wondering how the HCG diet works exactly. It is actually a homeopathic diet. You get HCG drops which are homeopathic in nature and you have to take them as prescribed or as instructed by the company from which you buy the drops. The HCG drops are made from a hormone by the name of Human Chorionic Gonadotropin. This hormone is, efficiently enough, also present inside the body naturally. It is not a manufactured hormone. The hormone is used to elevate metabolism levels, even when we are at rest or sleeping and that is exactly what makes us lose weight.

The Uniqueness Of The HCG Diet
The HCG diet is unique in many ways. Here are just a few points and you’ll get to know why the HCG diet is so different and separate from all the other diets available. The uniqueness has all the good points!

Incredibly Fast Weight Loss
Weight loss in the HCG diet is incredibly fast. This is one of the main things that makes this diet so unique. Dieters have officially reported weight loss up to five kilograms in just a little more than a week. Sometimes, it can take them just a week! With such fast weight loss, many obese people have good hopes about weight loss. Where before they were tired to see results, they are now trying to catch a hold of recording their lost weight!

It Has No Side Effects
This is absolutely true. If you have any reservations about this, simply research a little and read the reviews about the HCG diet that have been given by the dieters. Even the companies that make the HCG drops claim that this diet has no side effects. It might be a little hard to believe what with such incredibly fast weight loss but a fact is a fact. You might experience a little headache but that could only be due to your eating less all of a sudden. It is a minor price to pay and is not really a health problem. After all, we can also get headaches from sleeping too less or sleeping too much.

You Don’t Have To Exercise
This is probably the only diet in the word that tells you not to exercise! If you check out the details of other diets, they will probably have some exercise routine in them or will tell you to walk on so and so time. Not the HCG diet. The HCG diet tells you the exact opposite; do not exercise. It will hinder the weight loss process somehow and will tire you out unnecessarily. Strolling around or taking a short walk is fine and if you have to exercise a little that is fine too. But make sure that you avoid strenuous workouts in the gym or any such sort of tough activity. It is forbidden!

A Natural Hormone Used
The hormone that is used in the diet is not manufactured. It is in fact a natural hormone that already exists inside the body. As you have read before, the name is Human Chorionic Gonadotropin. This hormone is only taken in a diluted form in the HCG drops which are homeopathic in nature. Funnily, this hormone is also the hormone which is tested to see if a woman is pregnant or not after the first two weeks. What a strange world this is, no?

Balanced Diet
Sure, you might have to eat really less in this diet, about five hundred calories per day but the diet has been divided into certain phases where you have to eat specific things. But they cover everything, from the carbs to the fats to the sweets and then to the proteins and the fiber. In Phase 1 of the diet, you are allowed to eat to your heart’s content. I bet no other diet allows that!

The HCG diet is very unique in its way but as you can see, all of the points of its uniqueness are only good. You get to have fast weight loss, no side effects, no exercise and also eat a balanced diet making sure there is no nutritional deficiency. I say this is a win-win situation!


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