Introduction And Background

No one likes to be fat. Worse than that, it is unacceptable in our society! It literally is a type of social suicide to be obese in times like these when super models and actresses and actors are all trying to disappear into thin air. And the worst part it, for obese people, it is very hard to become thin. Their love for food, their lack of love for exercise is what got them here in the first place and then it becomes simply hard to get out or to get rid of these habits. Well, for these people, dieting is the worst nightmare. But it shouldn’t be anymore. Read on further to know what exactly was meant by this sentence.


The HCG Diet
If you haven’t heard about this before, you will regret it after you hear about it now. The HCG diet is the wonder diet of the twenty first century. It is a diet unlike any other, designed specifically to counter all the problems that are faced in a general dieting process by all those sad people who are trying their best to tip the scales lower than where they are. The HCG diet is the answer to the prayer of curing obesity. Obesity is a disease which is rarely acknowledged by people. It is a disease which leads to other diseases such as high blood pressure, diabetes, heart problems and cholesterol levels increasing. And these are just a few to name. The HCG diet can get rid of obesity.


How Does The Diet Work?
If you’re wondering what ‘HCG’ stands for, you’re about to know. It is the Human Chorionic Gonadotropin on what the diet is based. This is a hormone which is present in the body. The hormone is used in diluted levels to form HCG drops which are homeopathic in nature. The HCG drops are administered as per instructions from the manual and you have to follow the diet for about forty days which is divided into three to four phases. The diet aims to make you lose weight, and lose weight fast.


Most Important Key Edge Of The HCG Diet
What makes the HCG diet so special from the rest? Why should one take these HCG drops to lose weight? What makes the HCG diet different from the rest? All answers are similar to each other even if the questions are not. The most important key which gives the HCG diet an edge is the amount of weight loss and the time period it takes to do so. HCG diet has the fastest weight loss ever. Those who have done this diet have claimed they have lost up to three to five kilograms in just a little more than a week. This amount of weight most cannot achieve if they diet for weeks or even months! The weight loss is so fast that one feels encouraged to pursue this diet in the correct manner and to follow all the instructions. The HCG diet is really magnificent, if you think about all of this. Most people keep dieting their entire lives but do not achieve anything or minute weight losses which do not even make a dent in their body. With the HCG diet, you only need to lose the large amount of weight in just less than forty days. How lucky is that?


Other Benefits Of The HCG Diet
Here are a few other benefits that will also give this diet an edge on your agenda or choice amongst other diets:

  • The HCG diet does not leave you nutritionally deficit. The diet is planned thoroughly and allows you all sorts of foods but in minimum amounts. This gives your body enough to fulfill all the essential nutrition without giving you any extra weight.
  • Obese people don’t like to exercise or are too lazy to do so. The HCG diet actually recommends that you stay away from any strenuous exercises! Imagine that! You can take light strolls or walk around but any workouts will hinder the weight loss process rather than help it!
  • The HCG diet does not have any side effects. Okay, this might be a little hard to believe because you’re getting the best out of the deal but it is true. Those who have done the HCG diet will support this claim. The only thing found till now are a few minor headaches but that can be because of eating less and controlling your hunger rather than the HCG diet.


The HCG diet is perfect, in all sense of the word. It will give you what you want and in very little time. But keep one thing in mind, the HCG diet isn’t for those who are looking to lose only a little weight. It is for those who are looking to lose more than ten kilograms at least.

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