HCG Diet Reviews by Experts & Doctors

Have you ever heard about the HCG diet? If you’ve ever been dieting, chances are that you’ve also heard about this one. Nevertheless, to clear the air we will say that it is an over-the-counter weight-loss aid that can help people lose even 30 pounds in one month. There are countless of diets available at the moment, and it can be very difficult to find one that is suitable for your body.

Most diets also promise you the best results, but fail to mention side-effects. We have gathered information about the HCG diet from all over the internet, from experts like Dr. Oz or Dr. Emma. The point of the following HCG diet reviews post is to show you both sides of the coin. As with most things in life, the HCG diet plan is not a perfect solution. It will definitely work for some, but it might not work for others. This is why you need to know what trained specialists have to say about it.

Supplement Geek Opinion on HCG Weight loss Shots

Supplement Geek takes a more subtle approach on the HCG diet and weight loss drops. They start by writing down the results of several studies. Most of them conclude that the HCG diet did not significantly influence the amount of weight and pounds lost. They have concluded, however, that HCG drops helps with the mood of the subjects, who find it easier to resist their cravings while being administered HCG injections.

Supplement Geek also mentions the effects that HCG has on the metabolism and diet patterns. People advocate that the HCG diet protocol helps preserve muscles during weight-loss and it also helps improve hypothyroidism,. They also add that it would be impossible for proof about the HCG diet to disappear, even if it doesn’t work. Everybody has access to unbiased medical archives online, and many people are already using it. They are more than capable of understanding the positive and negative effects of a diet. In other words, they know the risks that they are subjecting themselves to. The creator of the diet makes pros and cons clear. In the end, they believe that weight-loss decisions belong to an individual.

Dr Oz About HCG Injections for Weight Loss

Dr. Oz says four things about the HCG diet are true: that you can lose 30 pounds in one month, that many dieters swear by it, that the FDA calls it illegal and that doctors do not trust it. He believes that the main reason why people lose weight is not from weight loss shots, but from eating too little. He also adds that, while the diet may work for some people, it has been medically proved that the sensation of hunger has nothing to do with weight loss injections from HCG.

Dr. Oz did not dismiss the possibility of the HCG diet plan to help you shed a significant amount of pounds, but it won’t help you keep them off. He also urges interested users to consider the health problems that might result to subjecting your body to starvation. He recommends individuals to make sure that they eat enough and remain hydrated. As long as this happens, the HCG diet may be a viable solution.

Dr. Emma HCG Diet Menu Review 

Dr. Emma believes 100% in the HCG Diet. However, she believes that the diet must be improvised in order to suit every individual’s needs. Dr. Emma, like many others in the past, is working on a ‘new and improved HCG diet plan’ which works better than others and also helps preserve muscle mass.

“it’s the diet that drives weight loss; it’s the hCG injections that effect how you lose the weight.” 

In conclusion, she knows that as long as you respect the diet, and administer your injections you will have no problems dealing with hunger and shedding pounds. Her response to the diet is a 100% yes.

Mayo Clinic HCG Diet Plan Opinion

Mayo Clinic cautions dieters that, while the diet works, they should focus on healthy weight loss goals that are safer on the long road. In addition to this, the online clinic also adds that the risk of blood cloths formed by shots is a side-effect. Other side-effects may include fatigue, restlessness, depression etc.

As you can see, opinions are both positive, neutral and negative. The HCG diet plan is rather controversial, but it does have its followers. If you want to lose weight fast, you should consider this as a short term solution. For more HCG diet reviews you should check out stories from real people. Doctors can talk all they want, but they will never have the firsthand experience that a patient has.


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