With an ever increasing need for food supplements that can successfully combat the problem of obesity, there has been a lot of research into ways that can help control the amount of intake that we are taking nowadays. In addition to that, there is also a lot of focus on how to reverse the bad impact that past eating habits may have had on the body in terms of increased amount of body fat and overweighting. As a result, researchers have come with a wide range of solutions which include medical, herbal and now even hormonal solutions. HCG diet belongs to the hormonal category and it is seen that the impact this solution is showing on the subjects is very promising. Like every other person looking to improve their dietary requirements in a healthy way, you too must be looking for a good way out of the situation. Well this is your moment as we unveil to the world the secrets of HCG diet. Read on to find out more about it.

What is HCG?

HCG is short for Human Chorionic Gonadotropin. This is a hormone that you can see being produced naturally by the body in women during pregnancy. This hormone carries a lot of different functions and is frequently used in the treatment of problems like infertility and to regulate the hormones in the body. In the case of treating obesity using the HCG diet, what happens is that the HCG causes a reset in the hypothalamus region which results in an improved metabolism. This in turn causes the body to release the stored fats and use them as fuel.


There has been a lot of research work conducted on the effectiveness of HCG and the results that were generated from these studies were very fruitful. The following observations were made in general from the results, clearly showing that HCG is quite an effective measure for fat loss:

  • When exposed to VLCD or Very Low Calorie Diet, the subjects were able to tolerate it without any signs of irritability, headaches or any other weakness, something that is very common when using this particular approach towards reducing weight.
  • The statistics were far better than any other diets which involved reduction in the amount of calories to a below the normal point.
  • The amount of fat lost by the subjects, especially in the areas where adipose tissue accumulation occurs in a more conspicuous way was quite satisfactory.

It was pretty clear that the working of HCG is not just a myth but a reality.

Modes of intake

The most common method for using HCG is to inject it into the body and then let it do its work. However there is also a rare case where you can find tablets for your intake. The effectiveness of both is practically the same and the only advantage or disadvantage that one can see here is the very obvious one. In case of injection you don’t need that frequent a dosage but it involves needles. On the other hand while you are not being touched by needles, you don’t need to keep taking the medicine at regular intervals.

How to know if you are eligible?

It is a general and very necessary medical advice that you don’t go towards medicine unless you actually need it. Natural eradication of fat is a much better thing than using medicine to help you out. In the case of HCG, if you have to lose more than 20 pounds then you can go ahead and start using it. However it isn’t recommended for you if you don’t have that much fat to lose on you.


With all the information above, you not only know the benefits of HCG, you can also decide if it is the right thing for your own health or not.

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