One of the main features of HCG diet is very low calorie diet of 500 calories. Dr. Simeons developed a very useful weight loss protocol in which he recommended dietary practices for breakfast, lunch and dinner. He also provided guidelines regarding foods which are not meant to be eaten during HCG diet program. However, this very low calorie diet is taken in conjunction with HCG injections.
Dr. Simeons had used HCG injection while discovering this weight loss protocol. However, due to medical advancement nowadays, HCG injections have been replaced with HCG drops. Some practitioners still use HCG injections but HCG drops are much cheaper and better as compared to HCG injections. In this article, we shall compare both the methods.

HCG injection versus HCG drops

The HCG diet program is amalgamation of HCG intake and a very low calorie diet. We are concerned with the HCG intake. There are two methods for this; HCG injections and HCG drops. Use of HCG injections is undoubtedly the oldest method but it has dangers, harms and discomfort associated with it. On the other hand, HCG drops surpass HCG injections on the basis of following grounds:

Method of application: HCG is injected into abdominal area, buttocks, upper arm or back. It is quite obvious that people are not comfortable with this idea of self-injecting. Use of HCG injections may result in pain, swelling, itchiness, redness and infection at the injected area.

On the other hand, HCG drops are not taken by any kind of injection or needle. They are simply taken under the tongue so they don’t tend to result in potential complications. Likewise, they are not painful at all due to oral application.
Ease of use: There is no doubt that HCG drops are easy to use because they are taken orally while on the other hand, many people are afraid of using needles. It becomes difficult for them to take HCG through injections.


Cost: HCG injections can cost you 700-1500 USD for six weeks treatment. On the contrary, HCG drops are quite affordable along with great convenience. No one would ever want to spend the extra amount of money for something which can be achieved effectively by using other cheaper method.


Doctor’s assistance: Those who choose HCG injections for weight loss, often go to doctors for having HCG injected because they don’t think that they are capable enough of self-injecting. However, there is no need to visit doctor as you can easily put drops under your tongue within the comfort of your home.
Ease for women: Unlike HCG injections, women do not need to stop taking HCG drops during menstrual cycles (However, they should consult their physician before doing this).


Refrigeration: HCG drops usually do not need to be refrigerated while refrigeration is essential for HCG injections. Since HCG drops do not require refrigeration, you can take them with yourself wherever you want to go. You are free to travel anywhere while using HCG drops.
Mixing: Homeopathic HCG drops don’t require mixing therefore, there is no mess.
Extra supplies: You surely don’t need mixing syringes and alcohol pads etc. for HCG drops.
Side effects: HCG drops do not have side effects except for occasional constipation.
Similar results: Some people might think that HCG injections produce better results as compared to HCG drops. However, this is not true as research has revealed HCG drops to be as much effective as HCG injections. Results are almost same with additional benefits of reduced cost, convenience and safety in HCG drops.


Weight loss using HCG diet protocol can be achieved by following very low calorie diet in conjunction with HCG injections/drops. When we weigh both the methods of HCG intake we come to find that HCG drops outweigh HCG injections in terms of safety, ease-of-use and every other aspect that has been mentioned above. Should you want to start HCG diet protocol, you should go for HCG drops and you will see the miracles in terms of rapid weight loss. You only need to follow strict guidelines for dietary practices because dietary errors can lead to poor results or at least delayed results. Besides, make sure that you consult your doctor or physician prior to using HCG diet protocol (including HCG drops) to ensure maximum safety and better results.


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