Introduction And Background

The HCG diet has become a topic of more discussions than a nuclear war! I’m not kidding here. Even Oprah Winfrey was discussing the HCG diet and that is probably the highest compliment this diet can get on television. The HCG diet is not very old diet has been discovered in the twenty first century. Although this may prove to be a drawback, it can also be proved to be the best thing because something made after so much research and with the highest tech sources available, it is bound to be the latest and safest product made, yes?

Some Facts About The HCG Diet
The HCG drops, which are the HCG diet, are manufactured in the homeopathic way. They consist of diluted versions of the hormone Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, essentially the hormone after which the diet is named. Now, this hormone is not fatal or alien for the body. It is a hormone from the body itself so that should not worry you now. This diet ensures incredibly fast weight loss. The weight loss is so fast that you can lose up to three to four kilograms in about eight to nine days! Imagine how much weight you’ll lose if you do the diet for forty days which is the allotted time period for it. The HCG diet has three phases. The three phases have been thoughtfully planned and the foods list which is allowed has also been thoroughly researched. You cannot feel safer doing any other diet. Probably the toughest part to maintain in this entire scenario is the limit of five hundred calories per day. This might seem a little a harsh and you might think it will throw you off balance nutritionally but it doesn’t. Obesity is a much more dangerous factor to consider here. And like I said, the research has been done carefully and there will be no problem nutritionally, even with this kind of limit on your calorie intake.

The Dos Of The HCG Diet
Here is a list of things which you need to know about. These are the specifics of the HCG diet with a little added detail. Read them carefully.

  • You need to know exactly when to take your drops. This is necessary to ensure you lose weight properly. You should not miss the timings or forget to take them. The drops are not dangerous at all but reading the instructions properly and then following them is a big part of the success of this diet. Missing out on it will only be bad for you, no one else.
  • Drink A LOT of water. The diet specifically recommends that you drink as much water as you possibly can, even if it is winters time and it hard to consume that much liquid. It is for the benefit of your body and metabolism.
  • Stick to the list of foods that have been approved by the HCG diet. If you lose path and eat something that wasn’t on the list, you will greatly hinder the weight loss process and there will be no purpose of doing the HCG diet.
  • Do stick to the calorie limit that has been set out by the HCG diet in each phase. This is extremely important.

The Don’ts Of The HCG Diet
Now that you’ve read what to do in the HCG diet, here are the important don’ts of this diet which you need to be careful of.

  • Don’t exercise a lot during this diet. I know this may sound a little weird because what diet doesn’t tell you to exercise? But then, this diet works on a different mechanism and scale than other diets. It is effective. Strenuous workouts have the ability to hinder the weight loss process so be careful in not doing anything hard. Normal strolls are fine if you really want to do something.
  • Do not cross the calorie limit. This will also hinder the weight loss process considerably and you will only be wasting away your dieting period. The calorie limit is very important. It is imperative that you do not cross it by any means with any kind of food that is not allowed or recommended during the duration of this diet.
  • Do not utilize this diet to lose only a few pounds. You can become underweight then because of the fast weight loss. This diet is only for people who want to lose a lot of weight and are really obese. This is not for those who are looking to lose only a little weight.

The HCG diet dos and don’ts are very important to consider here. You should definitely know what to do and what not to do before starting a diet, especially one that is meant to be followed down to the tiniest detail.

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