HCG Diet – Homeopathic Weight Loss

Introduction And Background
When someone is planning to lose weight, he or she will do a lot of research to find out which diet would suit them best. They would fret and worry and then select a diet which has been there for ages, afraid to try out something new. The HCG diet may be a new diet on the block as compared to other diets, but it is definitely here to stay! Imagine if Oprah is discussing it on her show, then what kind of diet it must be! The HCG diet is actually a homeopathic diet. Read this article to know all about this diet, what happens in it and what you stand to gain (not weight!) if you do the HCG diet.

What Is The HCG Diet?
What is the HCG diet? What does HCG actually stand for? All these questions will be answered here. HCG actually stands for Human Chorionic Gonadotropin. It is a hormone which is naturally present inside the body. The HCG diet actually consists of HCG homeopathic drops which are made from this hormone. Don’t worry, since this hormone is naturally present inside the body too, you don’t have to fret about something alien going inside your body. The HCG drops are manufactured carefully and we all know how safe homeopathic drops are. The HCG diet majorly consists of the drops and of course a diet plan.

What Happens In The HCG Diet?
The HCG diet is actually almost a forty day plan. In it, you have to consume calories less than five hundred per day. Yes, the calorie number is very less but taking the HCG drops along with it makes the job easier. It acts as an appetite suppressant somewhat. You have to take the HCG drops daily as instructed and follow the diet plan. It can be a little hard yes but then again, every diet is hard to do initially. Then you get used to it!

Perks Of The HCG Diet
If you’re wondering what is so special about the HCG diet, you are in for a surprise! The HCG diet has many perks and if you read all of them, you wouldn’t want to do another diet! Here are some of the things which make the HCG diet so special:

  • The HCG diet is made from homeopathic drops and a hormone which is completely natural. You don’t have to worry about anything foreign going into your body and everyone is aware of how harmless homeopathy really is. You cannot go wrong with this. But remember, you have to follow the instructions pretty closely otherwise the diet is going to be ineffective.
  • The most special thing about the HCG diet is the fast weight loss. People who do the HCG diet religiously lose weight immensely fast. In fact, most have said that they lose five to seven kilograms in just a little more than a week! Imagine losing that much weight in just a week’s time. You ask how that’s possible? Well, the mechanism of the HCG diet also involves in raising your metabolic levels. You aren’t eating anything and your metabolism is functioning fast. Do the math and you’ll see for yourself how much weight you’re losing!
  • Another perk for dieters is that they don’t have to do any strenuous exercises. They’ll be astonished to find out that HCG actually tells you to avoid any such workouts because it might hinder the weight loss process! Imagine not having to exercise! You can always take a light stroll or walk around if you aren’t a lazy couch potato to begin with but this is good news for all those who either cannot find time to go to the gym and exercise or for those who do not like to exercise!

Are There Any Side Effects To This Diet?
This question has been asked by many as many think that there must be something up with this diet. It makes you lose weight really fast and you’re taking certain drops and this adds up to side effects maybe? Wrong! There are no side effects to the HCG diet! Are you surprised? Don’t be. The homeopathic nature of this diet causes you no harm and even the fast weight loss does not give you any harm. In fact, obesity is a disease which is gotten rid of by the HCG diet! Some people have complained of having mild headaches but that can also be due to eating less and dieting anyway. Who doesn’t get a headache when they diet?!

Now you know all about the HCG diet. There is one thing you should keep in mind though. The HCG diet is not for losing only a little weight. You might get underweight this way! If you want to lose more than ten kilograms, then you should do this diet the way it is supposed to be done!

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