Introduction And Background

Not many would need an introduction to the HCG diet but if you really don’t watch that much television and have never heard the name before, then just for that here is a little background information. Obesity is now one of the leading diseases of the world. Some do not consider it to be a disease but the truth remains that it is one because it lowers the mortality rate and also brings about other diseases. Now, with obesity on the rise, so is the cure for it. Many diets have been created that consist of wonder pills that can make you lose weight. No one wants to diet the natural way now and all are resorting to dieting techniques and quick solutions. HCG is one of them.


What Is The HCG Diet?

HCG stands for Human Chorionic Gonadotropin. For those of you who do not know, this is a hormone which is present inside the body. It is a naturally occurring hormone inside the body and is responsible for the metabolism rate of the body. The person who discovered this diet realized the importance of HCG and then found out that elevated levels of HCG can make the metabolism work really fast and can bring weight loss in a person. Thus, the HCG diet was formed where the HCG drops are taken which elevate the level of hormone in the body and then the next moment, you are seeing weight loss occurring.


Is The HCG Diet Dangerous?

As surprising as it is, the diet is not dangerous at all. In fact, the companies that form HCG ensure the people that there are absolutely no side effects to this diet. It may be hard to believe but a lot of people have been on the HCG diet and so far, not one has reported any weird side effect or any strange happenings to their body besides the weight loss. HCG is a naturally occurring hormone in the body. This is also what makes HCG harmless. We are not taking any foreign substance with the HCG diet. We’re just taking something in higher levels of what is already present in the body and this seems to produce no negative effect on the body as well.


How Fast Is The HCG Diet?

The HCG diet is extremely fast. It is the answer to the prayers of every obese person who would cry during dieting because they couldn’t get results fast enough even after trying so hard at losing weight. HCG diet is known to make a person lose up to seven kilograms in just a week! It is extremely fast. Of course, this does not mean that you can eat anything you want. There is a certain calorie limit to the HCG diet and one has to follow it. But other than that, HCG diet is a fast way to lose weight!


Something Interesting About The HCG Diet

Those who are on a HCG diet are strictly told not to exercise. How funny is that? Imagine being on a diet where you have to eat a little and not even exercise and your weight is dropping so fast you’ve lost count of the pounds you’ve shed! If a person exercises in the HCG diet, it will only hinder the process of weight loss and nothing else. Therefore, it is necessary not to workout or do any strenuous exercises.


HCG Diet Is Only For Those People Who…

• Wish to lose a lot of weight. If there is someone who just wants to shed a few pounds or kilograms, the HCG diet is not for them. Since the weight loss is really fast, it might become dangerous for a person who is already in ideal weight range.
• Are above eighteen. This diet is not recommended for those below sixteen years of age, even if it is a wonder diet with no side effects.
• Can afford it. The HCG diet may be magnificent but it is expensive. And most of the recipes that come with the diet which you have to eat are not easy to make either.


A Funny Fact About HCG

HCG is a hormone which is found in the urine of a woman after she is pregnant! It is the hormone that acts on the pregnancy test stick to show whether it is positive or negative. If the HCG is present, it means the woman is pregnant. If it isn’t, it means she isn’t. Usually, HCG appears in the urine two weeks after conception.



The HCG diet is a wonder diet. If you are really tired of dieting and seeing no results, I suggest you really give HCG a chance. This diet can change you, and your life. Just let it and you’ll see.


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