Introduction And Background

When we start to diet, we often worry that our skin will lose its brightness and shine and that we’ll be doing something bad to our body by depriving it of proper nutrition. In some diets, this can happen. You have to be very careful about the diet you choose. There are various kinds of diet. There are even some diets which keep telling you to have a single food for a few days and that can be really bad for health. However, the HCG diet tells you to do no such thing. In fact, in one of the phases of the HCG diet you can have absolutely anything you want to eat which includes ice cream and even French fries!

Are There Any Health Risks In The HCG Diet?
Not particularly, no. There are no health risks in the HCG diet and one can only wonder about that yes? With incredibly fast weight loss and taking homeopathic drops to reduce weight and having only five hundred calories per day? Well, it seems almost impossible that there are no health risks involved but read further to see that there are none.

Why Are There No Health Risks In The HCG Diet?
There are no health risks in the HCG diet because it is well planned diet and has been thoroughly thought over. The manufacturing of the drops, the planned diet and the phases have all been planned taken into consideration the human body and what is probably best for it. Here is why there are no health risks:

  • The hormone which is part of the HCG drops is called Human Chorionic Gonadotropin which is a naturally placed hormone. The body can very well make it itself and taking elevated diluted levels of it in the diet will only make the metabolism work faster and lower the appetite to help us lose weight. It does not prove any risk or harm to the body and does not drastically alter any organ which you might think.
  • There are no side effects to the diet and that has been claimed and proven by the companies that make the HCG drops. This diet does not make you bloated and neither makes you gain weight right after you have lost it. This diet does not do anything bad to your skin and it also doesn’t give you any bodily harm. The companies have even offered a money-back guarantee so if the product does not work for anyone.
  • There is also no nutritional deficiency involved. Firstly, the phases of the diet ensure that you eat all kinds of food to make sure that you are getting all the essential vitamins and minerals, even in the limit of the five hundred calories. And don’t think that eating less will give you any health risks. In fact, eating less makes you more active. Gluttony is actually the risk factor, not eating less.
  • The diet is not prolonged and it only lasts about forty days. It is better than dieting for a long period of time and also giving yourself stress over it and then not seeing any results too.

One Health Risk…
There is, however, one health risk that is involved in the HCG diet. It is forbidden to those people who just want to lose a few pounds or a few kilograms because the weight loss in HCG diet is so fast that they might even become underweight and put themselves at health risk! This diet is only for those people who are looking to lose a lot of weight and are really obese. If you just want to lose a little weight, it is suggested that you do it some other way because then the HCG diet is definitely not for you. It is designed and planned to make you lose weight and make you lose weight fast! Hence, do not put yourself at such a risk, even if you cannot lose that little amount of weight easily.

Obesity, A Far Greater Health Risk
If thinking about the HCG diet and the health risk is making you hesitate on using it to lose weight then just think about the health risk you have put yourself in already. Obesity is the worst health risk. It is actually a disease that can bring on other diseases. Your blood pressure can rise, you can have sugar problems and you can also have cholesterol problems, not to forget heart disease! Think closely about this and wonder whether you are doing the right thing by doing nothing about your obesity.

There are no health risks involved with the HCG diet. If you really want to lose weight, this might just be the best way you can get results quickly.

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