Introduction And Background

We all are on the brink of obesity if we are not obese already. There are so many people in the world who are starving while the others are stuffing themselves and gaining weight every single day. Talk about weird dynamics, right? Well, for the starving ones, we can only recommend food for them. But for the obese ones, there is a specific diet which is now being known as the cure for all fat people, not to sound too harsh. An introduction to that won’t be necessary but some details will be given. The diet is the HCG diet which is the best diet on the block these days, no exaggeration.

The Benefits Of The HCG Diet
HCG dieting has several benefits to it. This is a diet that you’ll enjoy doing because of three reasons. They are:

  • You won’t have to exercise. This is probably the only diet in the world which banishes you from the exercise routine. If you do so, it will actually stop the weight loss process! A lot of people will flock to this diet for this specific reason alone.
  • There are no side effects to taking the HCG drops! Most new diets and machines which aid to weight loss leave some sort of defect in the body. The HCG diet, though manufactured and taken in HCG drops, does not at all leave any side effect on the body.
  • The weight loss is immensely fast. You’ll be losing in kilograms in just days and weeks and it will keep you pretty motivated to do the diet religiously.

HCG Diet And The Fats Involved
The HCG diet does not allow more than five to six hundred calories per day. Everyone has to follow a diet plan according to the number of calories and there are three different phases to the diet. Fats as a whole are not really preferred in the HCG diet but one must have them to keep surviving and have a little energy for the rest of the week. Fats are usually taken in the first two days of the first phase so that the week does not start off with a low energy reserve. The fats that you can have include:

  • Fish
  • Meat
  • Cream
  • Eggs
  • Butter
  • Coconut Oil

These are some of the fats that you can have in the HCG diet. They are actually also good for your health but make sure you do not go overboard on eating them. Make sure you stay within your calorie limit. Fats are usually not allowed in the third and fourth phase of the diet. You only have to eat them in the first two phases.

Who Can Do The HCG Diet?
The people who want to lose a lot of weight should do the HCG diet. Those who are only looking to shed a few pounds should definitely not do this diet. The weight loss is really fast and it might cause problems in people who are not that overweight. Children also should steer clear of this diet. It does not put any problems to people but dieting at such a small age is not good. Wait for the baby fat of the child to wear off. If that does not happen they can always do the diet as they get older.

Is The HCG Diet Safe To Do?
As I mentioned above, the HCG diet is actually safe and it has absolutely no side effects! The HCG diet is one of the few diets that work on the mechanism of something that is already present in the body. The human Chorionic Gonadotropin, which is the hormone that is involved in the HCG diet is actually naturally present inside the body. It is taken in diluted homeopathic form as HCG drops to work its magic into making a thin and lean person from a fat and chubby one.

What Other Foods Can I Have In The HCG Diet?
You can have various other foods in the HCG diet. They give you an entire diet plan along with the drops with recipes and names of certain foods to have. There are four phases of the diet where fruits, vegetables, proteins and fats and sugars are spread over a certain path. The calories should not exceed the daily limit but other than that there is really no prohibition of the foods.

If you are really tired of dieting and not losing weight, the HCG diet is the diet to turn to. The fast weight loss results actually make you really happy and you follow the diet as planned when you’re getting what you want in return. Just make sure you do not move away from the instructions.


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