HCG Diet And Water


Introduction And Background
These are the two beautiful things in life that have been gifted to you. One is water and the other is the HCG diet. Although both are quite famous, a little introduction is always good. Water is the element of life, as you all would know. And HCG diet is fast becoming the element of weight loss, as you all would also know. The HCG diet works on the process of how the Human Chorionic Gonadotropin works after which the diet has also been named. The HCG diet is not a diet that should be overlooked, especially if you are really in the mood to lose weight. What sets it apart is how effective and quick it really is!

A Few Facts About The HCG Diet
There are a few facts you must know about the HCG diet before we move further into the discussion. They are listed below:

  • HCG diet is homeopathic in nature. The HCG drops are actually diluted Human Chorionic Gonadotropin Hormone.
  • The weight loss is incredibly fast. You lose weight up to three to five kilograms in more or less seven days! No other diet can boast of such fast weight loss.
  • Exercise is not allowed in the HCG diet. It actually inhibits the weight loss process. Strenuous exercise is really bad for the diet.
  • There is a certain calorie intake that cannot be exceeded and the diet usually tells you what foods to have to achieve the maximum possible results and to ensure that you do not face any nutritional deficiency.

What Is The Importance Of Water In The HCG Diet?
Water is essential in the HCG diet. We know that the body cannot function well if there is less water in the system and we want that the body should function at its optimum during this diet. Whether we want to lose weight or not, we cannot skip out on the rule of eight glasses of water a day. However, it becomes even more necessary to have a lot of water in this diet. If you do not have enough water, it will slow down the metabolism level and it will also hinder the weight loss process that the HCG drops are trying so desperately to achieve. As the fat is being burned in this diet, water is needed to get rid of the waste products and since it is being done at such a fast pace there can really be no risk taken for the HCG dieter to have a low water intake. Less water intake also ensures that you get fatigued really quickly and you do not want that to happen when you are on a diet which a low calorie intake and a fast fat burner. It will have adverse affects. This is why HCG dieters are told to increase their water intake.

Only Drink Water
Firstly, people who are dieting the HCG diet do not drink enough water as it is. On top of that, they are extremely addicted to substances such as the diet sodas or soft drinks. This is not a substitute for water, keep that in mind. Even juice is not a substitute for water. The only other thing that you can have water with is tea probably. Other than that, stick to water. It is necessary otherwise do not complain if the scales do not seem to move.

How Much Water Should You Have On The HCG Diet?
The healthy plan of a person who is not dieting is to drink about nine to ten glasses of water a day. The standard is eight but more than that is preferred, especially if the atmosphere is warm. In the HCG diet, you should be drinking about ten glasses of water a day and not any less than that. This is extremely necessary.

The Hidden Benefit Of Drinking Water
The hidden benefit of drinking water is to ease the hunger pangs that you will probably get on such a low calorie diet. The HCG diet does not allow more than five hundred calories per day and you need water to fill your stomach. Other than that, the other benefit that comes with it is the ability of water to metabolize fat more quickly. Since the diet boasts of working on a fast pace, then drinking water is actually the most important thing of the diet. Without it, everything will probably be topsy turvy!

The HCG diet is quite a safe diet with no side effects but if you choose this diet then you have to make sure you understand how it works. You cannot just eat a burger one day and then expect the HCG drops to work. You have to do what the diet says which includes drinking ample amount of water.

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