Introduction And Background

Dieting is one thing that never gets old. Ever since you are born and probably till the minute that you’re very old (I do not want to say dying here), you’ll always here about someone who is dieting. In fact, nowadays it is the hot topic of discussion with every single person on a race to become as thin as one of the models they should in television advertisements and magazines. With the rage in dieting, there have been many diets created by different nutritionists and analysts who keep on trying to come up with the perfect diet. And there is one such diet that has gained a lot of popularity because of the fastness and rapid weight loss it brings about. I think we all know which diet that is.


What Is The HCG Diet?

This is the new diet I was talking about. HCG which stands for Human Chorionic Gonadotropin is already a hormone that exists inside the body. Elevated levels of it can increase the metabolism rate immensely which explains the rapid weight loss that comes with taking the HCG drops. The HCG diet is a relatively safe diet which claims to have no side effects and users have guaranteed to it till now, those who have used the drops and have found the scales to move drastically in their favor.


Is The HCG Diet Like Any Other Diet?

No, it isn’t. The HCG diet is not like any other diet. In fact, the HCG diet is very different from the standard and regular way of dieting. The HCG diet is new and works on a different mechanism than the one the regular diet brings on the body. A friend of mine claimed to have lost more than five kilograms in just less than ten days which is not possible with regular dieting, even if you starve yourself completely.


They Key Differences Between HCG Diet And Regular Diet

Even though the agenda of both the things are the same, they are really different from each other. The key differences are outlined below:
• The HCG diet is a very fast process to lose weight. If done the proper way, there can be about up to five kilograms of weight loss in just a week! This is not possible in regular dieting.
• Regular dieting has the same routine of eating foods that do not have many calories in them and exercising. HCG diet is somewhat the opposite of that. Although you are supposed to eat less while on the HCG drops, the manufacturers strictly oppose your exercising. Exercising is forbidden completely in the HCG diet. I don’t think any other diet tells us to do that!
• Regular dieting does not consist of taking any drops or medications, no matter what the cause. It goes on the basis of reducing weight naturally. HCG drops are drops that affect how the system of the body works, even if the hormone is present in the body before.
• HCG diet should be done when there is a lot of weight loss to be acquired. If merely a few pounds have to be shed then the regular diet should be done because the HCG diet brings a really fast weight loss which is not healthy for those who are looking to lose just a little weight.


Are There Any Similarities Between HCG Diet And The Regular Diet?

Probably the only similarity between these two things it the goal they aim to achieve; weight loss. Other than that, there is really no similarity between them. The foods eaten in the diets could also be somewhat similar; it depends on what the recipes of the HCG diet say and what a person chooses to take while regular dieting. But brace yourselves for the fact that HCG diet is a whole new phenomenon on dieting while the regular way of dieting is pretty home school. Thus, do the proper researches before you decide to embark on the different road.


Are HCG Drops Dangerous?

Since the diet is relatively new on the block, there are a lot of hesitations that keep coming about because of the factor of it causing such a fast weight loss. People think that the product is bound to have some drastic side effects but the manufacturers have done their job in researching and testing. The users who have been on the HCG diet find nothing wrong with themselves except for the fact that they are now considerably thinner than before.



The HCG diet and the Regular diet are both very different from each other. Like I said, the only similarity between them is just plain weight loss and that is it. Decide very carefully which one you want to do.

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