Introduction And Background

We tell ourselves countless times that weight loss can be achieved and that we should work towards it but we move away from the focused path somewhere in the middle. Well, the HCG diet changes all that. It is a diet involving HCG drops that are actually homeopathic in nature. True to the name, HCG drops are made from diluted form of the hormone Human Chorionic Gonadotropin which is not artificial. It is actually present in the body. We take the drops to increase the metabolic rate of the body so that it burns the fat that is hanging all around. However, the drops do not work their magic without effort from your side as well. You have to maintain a certain calorie limit daily which should not exceed more than five to six hundred calories. It won’t be difficult to do after you read further.

Best Parts About The HCG Diet
The HCG diet is actually being acknowledged as the diet of the twenty first century. It is being talked about constantly on television shows and it is very rare now that people have not heard about it. The best parts about the HCG diet are:

  • Fast Results. This is by far the best thing one has to say about this specific diet. Most dieters are tired of dieting without achieving any results. They diet for weeks and months at a time and only end up losing about one or two kilograms which kills their spirit and makes them hate dieting. With the HCG diet, you can lose up to five kilograms in just a little more than a week! No other diet can claim weight loss that fast. When obese people start seeing results so quickly, they follow the diet religiously which is found in very diet ethics.
  • There is no exercise involved. The HCG diet actually recommends that you stay away from exercise, prohibiting it completely. If you exercise, it will only make the weight loss process slower or will stop it completely. This might seem odd to you because people generally exercise to burn the excessive calories but with the mechanism of this diet, you definitely want to stay away from any strenuous exertion.
  • There are no side effects. There were many hesitations about the diet in almost everyone because it seemed too good to be true. Everyone thought that to gain something such as weight loss, one might have to lose something in return. Well, the truth is out there if you read all the reviews from people who have done the HCG diet. There are no side effects involved. You remain a healthy and good looking person. Some have complained about a few headaches but that is natural if you begin to eat so less all of a sudden. It happens in every diet.

Liquids To Take; Essential And Important
One thing you must remember if you are on the HCG diet, your liquid intake has to be a lot. This is vital during the HCG diet. You are not eating as much as you used to and the hormone is working on newer levels inside the body which require that you your liquid intake be higher than usual. Water is the main essential drink that you need for this diet. Generally, people drink about eight glasses of water a day. Those on the HCG diet should make sure that they drink at least ten glasses of water daily. Other than water, the dieters of HCG are allowed to have certain soups such as pea soup and vegetables soup. Often, recipes of these foods are included in the manual that comes with the HCG drops. You can also drink juices if you do not want to eat the fruit directly but make sure that you do not end up drinking juices of five to six oranges rather than eating just one orange! Liquid intake is essential. This is primarily why the fruits allowed on the HCG diet are juicy and have a high liquid content.

Liquids To Avoid
Fizzy drinks are not allowed! Sodas are not allowed! Soft Drinks and energy drinks are not allowed! Do not even think of these things if you are on the HCG diet. It will severely ruin your diet and you might not lose any weight at all. Just stick to water and juices and you’ll be perfect.

If done perfectly, there is nothing stopping you from losing weight with the HCG diet. Obesity is a terrible thing and it also lowers your self-esteem. Get it back by doing this diet and seeing a new you in just a matter of a few weeks. One thing to keep in mind though; this diet is only for people who want to lose a lot of weight. If a person who wants to lose just a few pounds ends up doing this diet, they might actually become underweight!

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