Introduction And Background

When we’re dieting, all we think about is how much weight we lose in one day and we soon become disappointed when it isn’t enough. Soon enough, we become realistic and then move to how much weight we lose in a week’s time. Sure enough, we’re disappointed again. Unless…we do the HCG diet. In case you haven’t heard of the HCG diet, you’ll be sure to hear about it now. This diet is not a new diet anymore but it is the newest successful one of its kind. Thoroughly researched and approved, the HCG diet leaves no stone unturned with the magic of HCG drops. What are these things? Read on to know.

What Are The HCG Drops?
Let’s deal with the drops first. The HCG drops are actually homeopathic drops which are manufactured with the hormone Human Chorionic Gonadotropin. If you’re smart enough, you’ll now know where the initials of HCG came from and why the diet has been given the name of HCG. Anyway, these wonder drops are what make you lose weight (along with your controlled diet of course). The hormone is actually a natural hormone which is already made by our body. Do not worry that you’re taking in some antigen that is going to eat up the insides along with making you lose weight! The hormone exists inside your body already. You will only be taking it to elevate its levels to help your body’s metabolism to burn the precise fat.

What Is The HCG Diet?
The HCG diet consists of the HCG drops along with the diet that you’ll be following while taking the HCG drops. Basically, it contains everything there is about the HCG method about losing weight. In The HCG diet, you have to follow three phases. Sometimes there are four but the most important ones are three. In these phases, you have to maintain a certain calorie limit for each phase and to eat certain things as well so that you do not fall short on your nutrients and no deficiency takes place. The diet takes about forty days in total, give or take a few days and you will be shocked and surprised at the end results!

The Fast Nature Of The Diet…
No other diet can make you lose weight as fast as the HCG diet can. It is quite the combination! The HCG diet, eating less calories, and the HCG drops which help you suppress the appetite and raise the metabolic level, is a power couple! This diet is so fast that at its minimum level, people have claimed to lose at least three kilograms in just a week’s time! Due to its very fast nature, the companies that manufacture HCG actually ask some people not to take the drops, in case they only want to lose a little weight. This diet is for specifically for those people who want to lose at least seven to ten kilograms! Any less than that, the people could actually become underweight if they did it!

Any Side Effects…?
This all seems too good to be true, doesn’t it? Now you’ll think that with such a potent combination, there is bound to be some sort of catch. There is bound to be some sort of price that you will have to pay. Well, there is no price! You will notice, if you do the diet, that there are absolutely no side effects to taking the HCG drops or doing the HCG diet. The drops are homeopathic in nature and we all know that is considered as the safest form of drug in most countries. Other than that, the diet has been well planned to ensure that though weight is lost, there are no nutritional deficiencies involved in the entire thing.

Can Only One Thing Be Done?
Umm…no. It isn’t called the potent combination for nothing! Doing only one thing might make you lose weight but it will be pretty painful for you since both of them work together. For instance, in one of the phases of the HCG diet, there is a phase where your calorie intake is about five hundred calories per day! Now, if you do only that without taking the drops and the weight loss is gradual, pretty soon you’ll grow tired and you can’t do that forever. It is only for the time period that has been allotted by the diet plan. On the other hand, if you take only the drops and then eat whatever you want at whatever time you want, it won’t do much good.

The conclusion is that the HCG diet’s main component is the HCG drops and vice versa. One cannot be done without the other. HCG drops come under the HCG diet! Hence, the potent combination is one that is not to be overlooked, in case you are planning to lose a lot of weight.

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