Introduction And Background

People think that the HCG diet is a complex diet because it consists of drop and this entire instruction manual which one has to follow. This is not entirely true. The HCG diet is certainly not a complex diet. It is like any other diet except for two single factors. One of them is that the HCG diet makes you lose weight incredibly fast. In fact, it is the fastest weight loss process there is if you do not count liposuction! You have to follow the same things like in any other diet; take the drops at their specified time, eat the specified food and make sure the calorie count does not cross beyond a certain limit. The other factor is exercise.

HCG Diet And Exercise; A Good Combination?
To some extent, yes! HCG diet and exercise is certainly a good combination. In fact, avoding exercise is the worst thing you can do during the HCG diet to ensure that weight loss does not occur. However, the dieters who are on the HCG drops are especially instructed to stay away from any strenuous exercise or anything that can cause fatigue and sweating. One can stroll around a bit and running jogging or going to the gym is also allowed. This is one of the upsides for the dieters, the one I was talking about. Most people cannot find the time to exercise which is why their diet plan suffers most of the time. The HCG diet has given the greatest answer for that; do exercise when possible. It will provide a synergy.

What Will Lack of Exercise Do To The HCG Dieter?
It will not harm the dieter in any way but it will inhibit the weight loss process immensely which means that the effort you are making to suppress the appetite and eat the foods required will be no good if you are not exercising. You will lose weight but not as much as you can. Thus, it is better to exercise in the HCG diet and to laze around if you must.

Are There Any Side Effects To The HCG Diet?
This is another upside to the HCG diet. There are absolutely no side effects. Since the HCG drops taken in the HCG diet are homeopathic in nature and consist of a hormone that is not alien to the body, there is no reason to believe that any side effects will occur. The companies which make the HCG diet actually boast about this fact. Why do they do it? Because it is true. The HCG dieters experience certain headaches at times but researchers have claimed this is due to the sudden reduction of food that they eat because the HCG diet requires a person to stay within a five hundred to six hundred calorie limit on a daily basis.

Who Can Do The HCG Diet?
There is a simple rule to the HCG diet. If you have to lose a lot of weight, only then are you eligible for doing the HCG diet. If you are just looking to lose a few pounds here and there then the HCG diet can actually be dangerous for you. This is because the weight loss that occurs in the HCG diet is so much in such a short time that unless you are really obese, you’ll become malnutrition and weak quite easily.

What Foods Can I Eat In The HCG Diet?
The foods that you can eat in the HCG diet are all explained in the manual but do not be afraid because there are a variety of things that you can eat. You will be able to eat vegetables and fruits, meat and carbohydrates and you’ll even have a lot of fiber in your diet. Liquid intake is also really important which is why a person on the HCG diet has to have excessive water. The food intake and nutritional requirements are divided into three phases.

A Funny Fact
A funny fact about the HCG diet is that the diet is based on the hormone which enables a mother to find out that she is pregnant or not. The test she does by her urine about two weeks after conception is based on the fact that the HCG hormone is in the urine. This is why the test comes out to be positive if she is pregnant. Funny?

The HCG diet is a wonderful diet. Many people are discussing it on their talks shows and even Oprah Winfrey has taken quite an interest in this specific diet. Basically, the diet has been well circulated and you can easily have the answer to your obesity cure by just ordering the HCG drops. They will show results quickly and you won’t even get disheartened in the middle of the diet because you will be happy about losing weight so fast that you’ll do the diet even more accurately.


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