Introduction And Background
Innovative diets and ideas are becoming more popular nowadays whereas before, everyone was quite hesitant towards them. Everyone thought that the traditional way of dieting is probably the best way and no one wanted to try out new techniques and processes of weight loss. However, everything has changed now. We see new diets coming along and since obesity is fast becoming a disease everyone wants to get rid of, it would come as no surprise that the HCG diet is probably the most popular thing around in the weight loss world. What is the HCG diet you ask? Well, here you go.

The HCG Diet
The HCG diet is, well, a diet. It stands for Human Chorionic Gonadotropin which is a hormone that is present inside the body. The diets works on the mechanism of the hormone and it enables the body to lose weight. The hormone is taken in diluted form of homeopathic drops and is to be taken as instructed. There are of course certain instructions to follow while on the diet.

The Calorie Intake
The HCG diet might be a favorite but the effort you make behind dieting is the same. It is only that you achieve results faster. The HCG diet has a certain food plan which does not allow more than five to six hundred calories per day. They give proper recipes with the diet drops and also instruct on when to take them and what foods you can have during the weeks that you are on this diet. But the calorie intake must not be crossed if you are seriously considering the diet to work.

Save The Energy
Before you become all cynical about the number of calories you are allowed on this diet, know that the diet prohibits any exercise. Isn’t it cool to find a diet that does that? Strenuous exercise is actually forbidden because it inhibits the weight loss process and can actually make the diet ineffective or not as effective as it should be. The normal walk is fine but anything more than that can alter the way you lose weight.

The Quick Weight Loss
Here is the best part about this diet; you lose weight really quickly. One of the worst things a person has to face while on a diet is the long period of time it takes for results to show. I had a friend who had been on a diet for over a month and he was tired of seeing the scale move just two centimeters to the lower side. It made him an irritable person. He didn’t even want to try and lose weight after that. The HCG diet is good that way. You see results in a matter of days. People have reported a weight loss of up to three to five kilograms in seven to eight days! This really makes everyone happy, especially the dieters out there who are tired of working their heart out at the gym to see nothing happening.

No Side Effects
The HCG diet has absolutely no side effects. We all know that it is hard to believe that a diet which makes a person lose so much weight has no side effects but it is true. The HCG diet is the HCG drops which are manufactured from a hormone that naturally exists in our system. The diluted form only makes the metabolism work faster. Other than that, there is no harmful effect experienced by the body. Some have complained of having minor headaches but that can also be from the low calorie intake and the weight loss. It won’t have anything to do with the HCG drops having some sort of impact on the brain!

A Thing To Bear In Mind
The HCG diet is a really good diet but there are two things to keep in mind. Firstly, you have to drink a lot of water in this diet. The simple routine of having just eight glasses of water daily won’t do. Since you’re on a diet that works on a different kind of mechanism, you have to follow certain rules to make sure it is applied correctly. The second thing to know is that this diet is only for those who are looking to lose a lot of weight. If someone just wants to lose one or two kilograms or a shed a few pounds, this diet is not for them because the weight loss is a lot and quick. It could actually harm the person who is already on average weight and just wants to be a little thin. This diet is only for obese people who are…well…a lot obese!

The HCG diet is actually a kind of cure for obesity! We all know that having too much fat in the body can cause trouble and lead to other diseases. Turn to the diet if you need a quick cure.

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