Introduction And Background

Whenever we think of dieting, the first thing that comes to our mind is; What can we have for dessert? What will we be allowed to eat in the last part of a meal? Will we even be allowed to have sweet stuff or are desserts off altogether? The same goes for the HCG diet. Those who start doing it will wonder what desserts they can have or if they can have them at all. Well, the good thing about it is that you can have desserts but you have to be very specific in eating them!

What Is The HCG Diet?
Before we set off on a tirade of things that can be eaten and cannot be eaten, first we’ll discuss what the HCG diet is and how it works. The diet’s mechanism is based solely on making the metabolism work faster, even while we are sleeping so that it burns all the brown fat in the body. The diet consists of homeopathic drops that are made from a hormone called Human Chorionic Gonadotropin. Now, at the name of hormones and taking them, most people are likely to suddenly back off but know this that the particular hormone used in the HCG diet is already present inside the body. You make it naturally. Elevated levels of it help you to lose weight.

Good Things About The Diet
The good things about the diet is that we can lose a lot of weight with it. Those who have used the HCG drops have reported to have lost up to five kilograms in a week or more, that is if they have followed the diet instructions religiously. The second thing is that those who are on the diet do not have to exercise. Actually, exercise is not at all recommended in the HCG diet because it might hinder the weight loss process. You can take walks or go on a stroll but strenuous exercise or exerting yourself is strictly off limits. The best thing about the diet is probably that it has no side effects! The HCG diet is side effects free. You do not have to worry about getting some disease or losing your health just because you have done it.

The Approved Desserts; What You Can Have
Here is a list of the desserts that you can have on the HCG diets, the common desserts that people usually have. Desserts are mostly allowed in phase 1 and phase 2 of the HCG diet.

  • Coffee or Iced Tea
    Mostly, people cannot live without either of these things. It is what gets them up in the morning and some people even drink tea at night. Well, you can have it for dessert now! Make sure that you do not take too much sugar with it or avoid it as a whole if you can.
  • Smoothies – Well, strawberry smoothies are mostly preferred in this range and are some of the approved drinks in the HCG diet manual. Smoothies make for a great dessert when families have them after dinner or lunch. At least this way, you won’t skip out on the family ritual!
  • Apple Cobbler – Not many would like to have this as a dessert but if you don’t want to miss dessert, you can try this out. You might develop a taste for it!
  • Cookies!

If you are really fond of desserts though, there is one thing you can do. This is not recommended and is not healthy but doing it for just a day won’t hurt. You have to stay inside the calorie plan but if you want to add a complete dessert in the place of the fruits you were going to eat, you can do so.

The Forbidden Desserts
The forbidden desserts are considered to be ice cream. Most would think it unreasonable and even though Ice cream is not unhealthy, it has a lot of hidden calories. Most of the calories are hidden and even in low fat ice cream you can’t escape them much. Anything with rich cream in it is also forbidden. Strawberry and cream makes for a great dessert as well as brownies and rich chocolate cakes but these all come under the forbidden list! Sorry people, you can’t have them. But think of the benefits you will see after a few weeks. You’ll be thin and you’ll love the new body you have! Is that better to have or are the cravings for desserts stronger?

The HCG diet is not really a harsh diet. You get to eat less, yes but then you also get to lose a lot of weight with it. At least they have not forbidden desserts in the process. You can eat them in limited portions!

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