Introduction And Background

Dieting has become the new fashion. Almost everyone is dieting these days, even if they don’t require it. From ten year olds to models to fifty year olds, everyone is in a constant battle against foods and against gaining any weight. Unfortunately, this battle is almost always lost because of the insane love for food as well as the lack of timing of results. If a person who has been dieting for three months only gets to see a loss of five kilograms will definitely think that dieting is not worth it. Well, to fix the problem, the world now has the HCG diet which helps you to lose weight.

What Is The HCG Diet?
With this question, I will answer all the questions of the HCG diet. Keep reading. The HCG diet is a diet which is made from a hormone called the Human Chorionic Gonadotropin. This hormone is not dangerous for the body at all because it is produced inside the body. The HCG diet utilizes the benefits of this hormone by forming HCG drops from it. These drops are homeopathic in nature. Now, the HCG diet is a really fast way to lose weight. This is the major reason of why it is so famous. It is not an easy diet to follow because you have to constantly know when to take the drops and have to manage a daily diet of five hundred calories which is relatively a lot less from what everyone usually eats. But since one gets results and gets them fast, no one objects to this little diet.

What Is Allowed On The HCG Diet?
With the five hundred calories, you must be wondering now how on earth does anyone manage to get any food inside their body and control themselves from eating more. Well, this is another benefit of the HCG diet. They do not tell you exactly what to eat or when to eat but they have a certain list of foods which you can eat whenever you want. Obviously, you’ll have enough sense to gather that bread and not fish should be eaten during breakfast! Other than that, the HCG diet recommends fruits and vegetables and some kinds of meat. Chicken is allowed. But do not worry; you won’t have any problem sticking to the five hundred calories if you are determined enough. The HCG drops decreases your appetite. This is another benefit of this diet.

And Crackers…?
Crackers are a snack which do not have many calories and are also enough to keep you full. Crackers are allowed on the HCG diet. They are not forbidden but having too many of them are not good since their salt content is relatively high. Nonetheless, they make an excellent snack. They are very much on the HCG diet recommended food list and no one should have any worries before eating crackers. They can be eaten anytime during the day, this is also an added advantage. As long as you do not cross the five hundred calorie limit, you are fine.

Phase 2
Since phase 1 lasts only a day and you are allowed to eat anything you want in it, I doubt you’d end up eating crackers. Phase 2 is the phase in which you need to utilize the crackers into making sure you do not overeat and also do not get pained hunger stomach pangs. Keep remembering that if you follow the instruction you will lose weight fast enough and most have said that they lost from two to four kilograms in just a little more than a week when they did this diet. In phase 2, you will need to eat crackers.

Is The HCG Diet Safe?
With the word hormone and the now the five hundred calorie limit, you’ll all be wary and worried that there might be something wrong with this diet, that it could badly affect your system. Well, it doesn’t. Obesity is the dangerous factor to consider here, not the HCG diet. The HCG diet will only help you to lose weight. It is extremely safe and the best part is that it has absolutely no side effects! It’s true! Even those who have used it have claimed that there was nothing wrong with their body and there were no side effects to consider. Some complained of a little headache but that comes from dieting where you suddenly have to eat less. The HCG diet is completely safe and has been manufactured very thoughtfully. It is homeopathic in nature after all.

If crackers are your favorite snack, you are in luck! You’re allowed to have them. And you can utilize them quite smartly to keep yourself from feeling hungry. The HCG diet has crackers on their food approved list.

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