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HCG Chica is a website which advocates the use of the hormone HCG in rapid weight loss programs, in conjunction with a low-calorie intake, as it suppresses hunger pangs. 

This article considers the HCG Chica approach to crash dieting and reviews other dietary products which make similar claims of over 40 lbs of weight loss in three weeks.

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What Is HCG Chica?

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The HCG diet is a three-week crash diet which involves taking hormone drops, tablets, or injections of the hormone HCG. This natural hormone, HCG, stops people from feeling hungry and apparently prevents dieters from losing muscle when cutting calories, which is a common side effect of crash dieting. HCG Chica is a website established by Rayzel Lam who lost over 50 lbs on this diet using HCG injections.

There are many success stories and blogs written by those who have succeeded in losing weight by using HCG, but HCG Chica has developed its own advice page with step-by-step details on how to lose weight fast and how to maintain your new weight.

HCG Chica also provides different approaches to food guidelines, adapting the original crash diet plan of 500 calories a day. This is normally broken down as 100g of protein, 1 vegetable, and 1 fruit three times a day. HCG Chica extends the list and increases the protein/vegetable/fruit list and also plans to keep posting new recipes designed by herself and HCG Chica followers.

A 500 calorie per day intake is advocated by followers of the HCG diet, and the use of oil is prohibited. Preparation for the diet includes two days of fats and then, abstention from fats for the duration of the diet.

Criticism from health professionals often deters dieters from using this method as they claim that blood sugar and insulin levels are adversely affected by crash dieting, and energy levels and mood will be affected. Even fans of the diet admit that HCG is physically and emotionally draining. Doctor’s supervision is recommended, although critics claim that doctors are prescribing the injections who are not specialists in weight loss.

Product Specs

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The hormone is produced in the placenta during pregnancy, which is why the diet is sometimes called the “Pregnancy Hormone Diet”. The hormone HCG elevates levels of other hormones in the body, including testosterone, creating an anabolic state which maximizes fat metabolism.


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The hormone powder, tablets, drops or vials can be bought directly from medical suppliers abroad or through medical companies in the US if you are not prescribed the hormone by your doctor, in which case you can pick it up from your local pharmacy. The total cost depends on your daily dosage, but one vial of 1500 cu, for example, will last you between 10 and 15 days, and it costs around $. Purchases can be made of HCG kits, which arrive with 3, six-week supplies and includes a syringe. HCG does cost less if purchased from abroad.

How It Compares

We picked a few similar products available on the market to see how they compare.

Low dose naltrexone




Price $

The total cost of a 3-week diet can range from around $ to $$ depending on your dosage and whether you buy the product in the US or from abroad.

Ease of Use ****

The hormone HCG can be bought in liquid form, pellets, or tablets. Most HCG comes in powder form, and once mixed, must be refrigerated.

Shipping is fast, and you will receive your order in a few days if you buy your HCG in the US. Although buying HCG from overseas is cheaper, however, if you are injecting, you may prefer to buy US products, as it will be produced under FDA regulations.

Diets of 3 weeks are recommended for those who have less than 15lbs to lose, and 6-week diets are recommended for those wanting to lose more than 15 lbs.

Wherever you purchase your HCG, it is dispensed in 5,000icu HCG powder, and 1 vial will last from 3 to 4 weeks, depending on dosage. For drops, 1 vial of 5,000iu will last you about 15 days. This is because you have to take a larger dose, twice a day, to get the same effect as injections, as the absorption rate under the tongue is not as effective as injecting directly.

It is recommended that your dosage be based on your hunger, and after 3-4 weeks, the potency of your HCG begins to drop, and the remaining mixture should be thrown away.

The syringe you need to inject with comes in three parts. The needle, the plunger, and the syringe. You can inject into the belly about an inch away from the belly button, or inner or outer thigh.

The HCG pellets are easier to use because each pellet contains 5000icu, which is a higher dose of the hormone than those taking injections, but it works well for most people who have over 15 lbs to lose.

Average Weight Loss Per Week *****

Dieters who stick to the 500 calories a day diet can expect anything from 3 to 8 lbs of loss each week.

Food Variety *****

There is a good variety of proteins, vegetables, and fruit that can be consumed on this diet.

Guarantee *****

The product is only guaranteed if bought from an established health and medical supplier.


  • No hunger pangs
  • Pellets easy to take
  • Good variety of food to eat
  • Inexpensive


  • May cause dizziness, mood swings, and low energy
  • Not everyone likes to take injections
  • Dosage needs to be varied according to individual needs
  • Weight gained very easily after the end of the diet
  • Doesn’t teach new eating habits
  • Dieters often find it difficult to continue working whilst on diet

Low Dose Naltrexone

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This is an alternative to HCG and has also been shown to be effective in reducing appetite and produces similar results of fast weight loss. It triggers an increase in your serotonin and dopamine production, and this helps reduce overactive hunger cravings. This also helps reduce anxiety and is safe with no reported side effects. Low dosage naltrexone is produced by FDA pharmacies and is offered in injection-ready liquid and tablet form. It is safe to use on a long-term basis.

Price $

Total cost depends on your dosage prescription, which could be anywhere between 1.5g and 4.5 g per day. This could cost as little as $1 per day on prescription.

Ease of Use *****

Naltrexone is easy to procure and is prescribed after a free consultation with a licensed Diet Doc physician. This can be conducted via Skype or telephone and after this consultation, the Diet Doc works with licensed nutritionists to develop an individualized diet plan, based on each person’s individual goals, age, weight, and current health. Additional prescription weight loss aids may be advised, all of which are produced in an FDA approved pharmacy. Medicine is delivered directly to the customer’s door.

Food Variety *****

Food variety is much broader than those of other diets we review here. The focus on this diet is combining weight loss with healthy eating, which provides all the nutrients you need for your body to run efficiently. This plan will also be instrumental in teaching dieters new eating skills, cooking skills, and learning about the nutritional constituents of each food, so they can prepare their own meals more wisely in the future.

Guarantee ****

Diet Doctor provides a seven-day guarantee. If you return all products at your own cost, which must be intact and unopened, they will be reimbursed.


  • Safe
  • Normally increased energy levels, with no dizziness or fatigue
  • No need to take time off work
  • Diet tailored to your needs by a Nutritionist
  • Easy to use
  • Healthy regular weight loss of 2-3 lbs a week
  • Convenient consultation online or by phone
  • Drops delivered to your door


  • Expensive initial outlay
  • Slower weight loss than crash dieting programs
  • Change in food habits take some time
  • Dieters will need to learn how to cook healthy foods


medicine container

LDD is a complex formula of natural amino acids which help reset the hypothalamus by sending signals to begin breaking down high body fat. This causes your body to use body fat as a primary fuel source. These signals are believed to be sent when the body is experiencing a reduced and low-calorie diet.

The LDD must be used in conjunction with an LDD VLCD (Very Low-Calorie Diet). The drops are taken with a similar dietary regime to other diets with limits on your caloric intake of 500 to 750 calories a day. There is a free e-diet book available with recipes.

Price $$

LDD costs around $60 for one bottle of 60ml, which is around a 30-day supply.

Ease of Use *****

LDD is very easy to use with 1ml, 20 drops, taken twice a day for the duration of the diet.
There is a pre-loading stage of 2 days where dieters are encouraged to eat a lot of high-fat products. Then, a high protein, low carbohydrate, no sugar, and no alcohol diet is then followed for 21 days of around 500 calories. The last stage is a stabilization plan where the total number of calories is gradually increased to maintain weight loss or continue weight loss at a lower rate.

Average Weight Loss Per Week ****

Dieters report an average weight loss of 10 to 14 lbs per week.

Food Variety ****

Advocates of this diet advise leafy vegetables and lean meat such as turkey, chicken, and fish.

Guarantee *

There is a 30-day limited guarantee on this product if bought from a reputable supplier.


  • Vegetarian
  • Gluten-free, sugar-free, caffeine free
  • Easy to take drops


  • Expensive
  • May cause low energy and dizziness
  • Very easy to put on weight after the end of the diet


herbal medicine

Nutra Pure HCG is a homeopathic treatment, and drops are taken orally. The company offers 24 hours a day customer support with a full-time chat line and E-book recipes. The product has shown to regulate liver function, and it is alcohol-free.

Price $$

Nutra Pure HCG costs around $$ per bottle and lasts around a month.

Ease of Use

Nutra Pure HCG is very easy to use, and it ships within 5 working days.

Average Weight Loss Per Week

There is an average weight loss of about 10 to 15 lbs a week.

Food Variety 

The diet is similar to other crash diet programs which advocate 100g of protein per day with 1 cup of vegetables and lots of water. Unlimited spices and herbs are allowed, additional fiber in the form of oatcakes encouraged (but only one a day), and oil and alcohol are prohibited. Dieters are advised to drink at least 2 liters of water a day, and there is a variety of recipes on the shop website.


There is a limited 30-day guarantee for new customers. If you return opened or unopened products, you will receive a full refund minus a 35% disposal fee. Refunds are not available for E-books or products sold at a discount.


  • Easy to use
  • No side effects
  • Safe to use indefinitely
  • Economical
  • Syringes unnecessary


  • Critics claim it does not stop hunger pangs


The easiest way to make weight loss permanent is to cut calories and increase exercise. HCG dieting may reduce hunger pangs whilst on a crash diet, but it will not necessarily lead to long-term stability unless dieters stick to lower calorie intake. The HCG can have a negative effect on the body, as it may lead to the slowing of metabolism, which means you will gain weight once you begin to increase your calorie consumption.

Some critics think the HCG Chica diet is unhealthy and potentially dangerous. A low-calorie diet of only 500 calories for over 3 weeks could permanently lower your metabolic rate and cause fatigue and muscle wastage if you don’t exercise. However, this is unhealthy and not life-threatening, unless you already have a severe health condition, and all crash diets should be postponed until you have visited your health practitioner for a full check-up.

The injections method advocated by HCG Chica is not the only option for using this or other low dosage hormones to help you stave off hunger pangs. The HCG Chica method may be suitable for young, healthy men and women who have strong support groups, but it is not the best method for all people who desire fast weight loss and who wish to maintain a healthy weight in the long-term.

Overall, we give the diet from Diet Doctors, which uses the Low-dose Naltrexone product, a 5-star rating as it combines sensible nutritionist and informed dietary advice with an effective hunger suppressant. This diet will also help you notice the times when you eat in response to anxiety or emotional upsets instead of physical hunger, which will help you make informed choices about your eating habits in the long-term.

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