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hCG Activator by BioGenetic Laboratories is a natural weight loss supplement with properties to improve energy levels and workout motivation. Here we’ll discuss hCG Activator and compare it to some similar products on the market.

What Is hCG Activator?

hCG Activator is a weight loss supplement designed to burn fat, increase metabolism, and suppress the appetite. hCG Activator doesn’t contain any hormones or gluten.

What Is hCG?

hCG is a hormone produced naturally in the female human body during pregnancy. This hormone is used to treat fertility issues and has off-label use for weight loss. It is said hCG helps burn fat by loosening it to make it available as an internal food source.

Although the hormone is not available for use over-the-counter, many companies have produced replicated or “alternative” versions of the hormone for weight loss supplements for use by both men and women. hCG Activator is one of these replicated products.


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How hCG Activator Works

HcG Activator works by loosening up the fat in the body to make it easier to burn. Like most weight loss supplements, hCG Activator does not work in isolation. To reap the benefits from the product, follow the low-calorie meal plan provided with the supplement. By eating fewer calories, the body turns to excess fat to use for energy. The body will only use fat as food after it has already used food calories.

What’s Inside hCG Activator

what's inside hcg activator

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hCG Activator is filled with natural ingredients to promote weight loss, burn fat, and improve the metabolic rate.



Huperzine A


Saffrolite Saffron Extract

Black Cohosh


hCG Activator by BioGenetic Laboratories costs around $38 on Amazon for a 30-day supply. hCG Activator is also available from other retailers such as GNC and The Vitamin Shoppe at prices ranging from around $38 to $60.

How It Compares

We’ve selected a few weight loss supplements on the market to compare hCG Activator to.

  • LeanMode
  • QuadraLean Thermogenic
  • Animal Cuts
hCG Activator

Ease of Use

Take two capsules of hCG Activator two times per day on an empty stomach. They recommend taking it with a full glass of water upon waking and again six hours later.


Ingredients in hCG Activator are of good quality although it isn’t clear why they include every ingredient in the formula. This is particularly true of black cohosh.


It’s a good quality supplement, but it’s made with a gelatin capsule. The company doesn’t advertise whether it is a bovine gelatin or pork gelatin capsule.


HcG Activator works for most people who take it. It increases energy levels, reduces cravings, and helps burn fat.


  • Helps with appetite suppression and weight loss
  • Noticeably improves energy levels
  • The product works for most users


  • Works best using the rigid diet included with the supplement
  • Black cohosh may promote weight gain
Evlution Nutrition Lean Mode Stimulant-Free Weight Loss Support

LeanMode is a stimulant-free weight loss supplement said to boost metabolism, regulate appetite, and increase energy and mood while burning fat. For many people, LeanMode is effective for increasing energy levels, burning fat, and reducing hunger and cravings. Some users report it helped to regulate digestive cycles and improve blood sugar levels.

The formula is gluten-free. It comes in either a pill form or as a dissolvable powder. The powder comes in five flavors: peach tea, furious grape, blue raz, fruit punch, and pink lemonade.

Ease of Use

Take a serving of three capsules once or twice per day. The powder form is a little easier to take with one scoop dissolved in water once or twice per day.


The active ingredients in LeanMode are garcinia cambogia extract, green coffee bean extract, conjugated linoleic acid (CLA), acetyl-L-carnitine, and green tea extract. A gelatin capsule encases the powder. They make LeanMode in a facility that processes dairy products.


LeanMode is made from natural ingredients, but Evlution Nutrition doesn’t offer a lot of information about the ingredients in the product. With the many options for creating clean capsules, we’d like to see them move away from a gelatin capsule. The company doesn’t directly disclose whether it is a bovine or pork gelatin capsule.


Like all weight loss supplements, LeanMode helps people in their weight loss journey when they are also eating right and exercising. It is effective for suppressing the appetite, but it may not work for everyone in the energy boosting and fat burning department.


  • It suppresses the appetite 
  • Doesn’t contain stimulants 
  • Helps many people burn fat


  • The blend will not work for everyone 
  • The supplement may cause upset stomach 
  • Not vegetarian-friendly
RSP QuadraLean

RSP QuadraLean Thermogenic is a fat burning weight loss supplement designed to boost energy, control weight, burn fat, improve focus, and promote thermogenesis. The product comes in capsule form.

Ease of Use

One serving size of QuadraLean is three capsules. Take this serving once or twice per day. They don’t recommend taking more than two servings in any 24-hour period because of the caffeine content of the supplement.


They market QuadraLean as “clean energy”. Ingredients in the blend include L-carnitine, conjugated linoleic acid, natural green tea caffeine, alpha GPC, choline bitartrate, grains of paradise, cayenne pepper fruit extract. The gelatin capsule also contains plant cellulose, silicon dioxide, magnesium stearate, and titanium dioxide.


QuadraLean is a relatively high-quality weight loss supplement. We like that they have transparency with labeling. We’d like to know more about the gelatin capsule.


Most users find QuadraLean to be an effective fat burning supplement. As with all supplements, QuadraLean will not work for everyone.


  • Helps with weight loss
  • Ingredients are clean and transparent 
  • Improves energy levels


  • Caffeine may overstimulate some users 
  • QuadraLean may not work for everyone 
  • The product causes nausea in some users
Animal Cuts

Animal Cuts is a stimulant fat burning supplement with thermogenic, metabolic, diuretic, and lipolytic properties. They design this blend to support “serious weightlifters” by providing extra help to the joints and ligaments. Animal Cuts comes in packs.

Ease of Use

Using Animal Cuts is a little less straightforward than other fat burning supplements. Each pack contains a red and blue capsule. The red capsule is the stimulant complex and the blue pill provides diuretic support.

Users take two packs per day every day for three weeks. Take one pack in the morning and another pack four to six hours later. They then instruct users to take a one week break from taking Animal Cuts after three consecutive weeks. After the break, users may resume taking Animal Cuts for another three-week cycle followed by a one week break.


Animal Cuts contains many active ingredients found in eight complexes. The complexes found in the product are stimulant complex, metabolic complex, thyroid complex, water shedding complex, nootropic complex, universal animals cuts cortisol inhibiting complex, CCK boosting complex, and a bioavailability complex.

Although most of the ingredients found in the complexes are clean, they lace the product with a variety of artificial and potentially harmful ingredients including yellow 5, red 40, DMAE bitartrate, dicalcium phosphate. They make the product in a facility that is certified to have good manufacturing practices, but this facility exposes the supplement to all the most common food allergens: milk, soy, egg, peanuts, tree nuts, fish, shellfish, and wheat.


As with all supplements, it’s best to check with your doctor before taking Animal Cuts. This supplement pack combo includes a lot of active ingredients. Some of these ingredients may not be suitable for everyone. The more ingredients in a supplement, the bigger the chance of side effects. Animal Cuts isn’t recommended for anyone taking anti-depressants or anyone who has any serious health condition.


Animal Cuts works to burn fat and increase energy for over half of users. The side effects seem to be the biggest issue with this weight loss supplement. It has a lot of active ingredients which pose an increased risk for irritation. If you can stomach the product, it seems to work well to help shed pounds and improve muscle mass.


  • Works well with a healthy diet 
  • Intense product that provides noticeable results


  • Includes artificial dyes and ingredients 
  • May cause stomach issues 
  • The supplement causes dehydration


When taking hCG activator as part of a healthy diet and exercise routine, it will help the user burn fat and lose weight. That said, no one should expect the product to work miracles. You will still have to work out and eat a low-calorie diet to see the benefits for this supplement.

Compared with other the weight loss supplements we reviewed, hCG Activator is a quality product with natural at least preliminary scientific substantiated ingredients.

If your doctor approves your use of the product, it is a good option to try. It received 4.5 out of a possible 5 stars in our review. It is easy to take and is effective for most users.

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