Hazards Of White Sugar For Dieting

Introduction And Background
One thing every dieter is aware of; stay off sweets and sugary stuff. Some diets might even allow a little fat but they will never allow carbs! Dieting is not an easy process. You have to realize that the only way you can lose weight is if you are able to burn more calories than you are taking in. Only then will the body begin to dig into your storage and use the fat for energy since you aren’t eating the usual amount or the usual stuff. Thus, appetite suppression is the utmost important thing in a diet. Of course, all dieters must be aware of it already. They should also be aware of the hazards of white sugar for dieting and why one must stay away from them when trying to lose weight.

White Sugar Not Good For Dieting?
Anything in an excessive amount is not good for health. One should always keep a moderate diet but white sugar is one thing that one must stay away from while on a diet. It can be mighty hard because almost everything we consume has sugar in it. Biscuits have sugar in it, sodas have sugar in it and even chicken nowadays are sprinkled with a little sugar, God knows why. Did you know that most people around the world are prone to consuming five hundred extra calories per day uselessly because of the sugar present in their foods? White sugar is definitely not good for dieting, especially if you are intent on working hard and really and badly want to lose weight.

Hazards Of White Sugar For Dieting
White sugar is one of the major reasons of obesity around the world, did you know that? Most adolescent fat stays around because of the amount of sugar that is being consumed in daily products such as ice-cream and even shakes or sodas. Nonetheless, white sugar is the absolute worst thing you can have if you’re trying to diet. Here is why:

  • White sugar promotes belly fat. Accumulation of fat in the belly of children and adults alike is due to the white sugar being eaten. There is sufficient evidence to prove this claim and if you don’t want your belly sticking out, especially while you’re on a diet, it is best to stay away from having it.
  • Leptin is a hormone that makes your brain tell your body that you are full now and no longer require more food. White sugar is one of those substances which make you more leptin resistant. This means that your body does not respond well to signals of satiety and that you can become more prone to over stuffing yourself. This can be majorly harmful for you in a diet because appetite suppression is what you are aiming for and white sugar can hinder that aim. You need all the help you can get with appetite suppression and white sugar will just be a hazard in the way of that.
  • There is a thing known as sugar addiction. Sometimes, during a diet, the addiction comes out more and it becomes harder to resist sugar because now you can’t have any. That becomes a major hazard for those trying to control.
  • White sugar will give you all the calories but with white sugar, you will never get the feeling that you’ve had enough. You might always end up wanting more. That can be really bad for you if you’re trying to control your diet and revert your eating habits. Thus, it is necessary that you stave off sugar while dieting because, as the name indicates, it can become a hazard.
  • Even a small amount of white sugar has many a calories and gives a lot of energy. You won’t be diving into those fat storage reserves if you keep eating white sugar while dieting which means that you probably won’t end up losing any weight, despite your best efforts. Now is that a hazard or what?

White Sugar For Health Overall
White sugar is bad for dieting but even for health overall you should go easy on it. It is linked heavily to diabetes and metabolic syndrome and has been known to cause liver disease as well. What’s more, it’s link with obesity gives it a link with heart disease as well. It’s better if you didn’t have a sweet tooth and speaking of tooth, white sugar also damages teeth as it gives it plaque.

There are enough reasons in this world to make you stay off white sugar and avoid it as much as you can. There are many natural sweet things in this world such as fruits and even some vegetables that won’t cause any problems mentioned above. But now you should know that white sugar is indeed a hazard in dieting.

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