Introduction And Background
There are so many food controversies nowadays. You’ll follow a diet on a nutrition and think that nothing is wrong but then some researchers or doctors will come up with reasons to dissuade you from that particular diet. And their reasons will be very valid actually. For instance, some people talk about carbs being good in a diet while the truth is that even if you eat the good carbs, it is not possible for you to lose weight then. You have to cut down on carbs overall. Nonetheless, there is one food type which everyone universally agrees on and there are no controversies over it. And that is fiber! If you are dieting, you should know all about fiber and also about where to get it from! Did you know peas have fiber in them too? Read the article further and find out what you have been missing out on!

Why Is Fiber So Important?
To be honest, fiber is not a nutrition that you really need for growing or healing but fiber has its own benefits in your body. For instance, did you know that without fiber, you would probably be really constipated and unable to pass stool. Fiber increases the bulk in stool, in fact it forms most of the bulk in stool! It increases peristalsis and is generally good for digestion. That is not all. Fiber does not have many calories in it because it is not absorbed into the blood stream. Fiber is taken out of the body but it is very fulfilling. This is one of the major reasons as to why fiber is considered a pretty amazing diet food. Think about it, you are eating and dealing with the hunger pangs during your diet but you are not gaining many calories. What could be better than this! Hence, this is the reason why fiber is so important. There are other benefits to fiber as well, which you’ll read about later in the article. This is why fiber foods are kept around the house by dieters.

The Fiber In Peas
You know pretty well now about the essentiality of fiber in a diet but did you know that peas have quite a huge content of fiber in them? Peas, doesn’t matter if they are green peas or brown peas or dried peas or pigeon peas, all of them have fiber in them. Peas are actually very fulfilling and nutritionists are recently discovering that peas can actually, along with fiber, fulfill a lot of other nutritional requirements as well. They can be used in salads, eaten raw, eaten cooked or dried or even used in soups. Pea soup is actually quite yummy, if you know how to cook it properly. And the best part is, they are not that hard to get either. They are pretty inexpensive and cans of frozen peas, doesn’t matter what type, can be easily found in the nearest market or any departmental store. You don’t even have to go far to search for them! Thus, if you are dieting, do consider keeping peas in your kitchen. You never know, you can go hungry one minute and snack up on something fattening and totally not good for your diet. Rather, you should open a can of peas and then have them in any form you like!

Fiber Benefits
Fiber has numerous benefits. Of course, the number one benefit you’d be interested in is weight loss but fiber does so much more for you. It can help lower blood cholesterol levels which can actually make your health really better. Cholesterol problems are the leading cause for heart disease and this way fiber also saves you from having any cardiovascular problems later on in life. Fiber is also known to boost immunity and you already know that it gives relief to your digestive tract by creating a bulk in your stool.

Benefits Of Peas
And there are benefits of peas as well! It does contain fiber of course but aside from that, they have anti-oxidants in them and actually help to combat inflammation in the body. Peas are low-fat foods and the fats they do contain are essential for the body, ones we cannot do without. They also have vitamins in them, especially a good amount of Vitamin E!

You really should consider eating peas now and then. Some people won’t like the idea because the idea of eating peas does not sound all that appealing but you should know that once you develop the taste, they are really scrumptious! Peas cooked can actually be quite delicious, you just have to find a form in which you like them, perhaps in salads or cooked with a little spicing. And if that doesn’t work, just eat them anyway remembering all the benefits and the fiber content you are getting from them!


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