Introduction And Background
Dieting is not exactly an easy phenomenon. Ask those who have actually been true to their diets, it is pretty hard. Telling foodies to stay away from eating what they love a lot can be easily said than done. However, if one wants to lose weight, they would have to diet. It is as simple as that. It is almost impossible to lose weight without dieting. A lot of people think that exercise could solve their problems and while it helps immensely in the process, it is not the sole solution to the problem.

Food Choices
You should stay away from fatty foods and carbohydrates and concentrate on your proteins and fiber. Most diets work that way. Some diets have a lot of fruits and vegetables in them and while they are healthy and good for your diet, there are some vegetables and fruits you need to avoid or have in moderation while you are dieting. For instance, potato is a vegetable but it has a lot of starch in it which is not good for the end game. Thus, you need to avoid it completely. In the list of fruits, there are some that you shouldn’t eat or have in moderation. Read on further to find out which fruits they are!

Fruits In Moderation
Fruits are generally amazing for health. They are good for the skin, for immunity as well because they have certain vitamins and minerals as well. We all know oranges with their vitamin C can cure scurvy now and vitamin D is important if we do not want rickets. However, it is better if you stave off these listed fruits, for the duration of your diet. You can have them afterwards if you can’t wait!

  • Watermelon
    Especially in summer-time, we cannot stay away from watermelons at all! They are fruity, fresh have water and generally make us feel cooler. However, it is best not to get carried away with them. Watermelons have a lot of sugar in them and less fiber even though it may seem the opposite. They are sweet in taste so you can imagine how much sugar is present! You can have it in small amounts if you really want to but it is best to avoid watermelons if you are planning on losing weight fast!
  • Bananas
    Bananas have a lot of calories! You eat one small banana, you’re giving yourself as much calories as that present in half a meal! They have potassium in them but they also have a pretty high Glycemic Index. That means that your blood sugar levels will be rising and fluctuating. Bananas are good for instant energy but since they have a lot of calories and especially glucose, it is better if you do not eat them while on a diet.
  • Oranges
    While there is nothing the matter with oranges and they are high in fiber, they are high sugar fruits too. Oranges are actually helpful in some diets but it is best not to overdo on them. You can have them in moderation because they have other essential elements as well but remember that they are not exactly the diet fruit you really need right now.

Other Options
Since you cannot have these fruits in the quantity that you may like, you can turn to better options during your diet. There is the option of the greatest and most well-known fruit, called the apple. Apples are low in calories and have a lot of fiber in them. They also have the right and proper amount of carbohydrates in them. Having even two apples a day is fine. They also take a longer time to digest which means that your stomach will be full for a longer period which means you won’t go hungry sooner. This acts as a great appetite suppressant! Another option you can give thought to; berries. Berries are terrific appetite suppressants and they also have metabolism boosting powers! They are high in fiber and low in calories and they taste really scrumptious on top of that! You can have raw berries or you can mix them up a little in salads or whatever dish you like! Grapefruits are also another option you can consider in exchange for oranges. They are good in taste, low in calories and have a greater fiber content!

Fruits are healthy, everyone knows that. However, as seen above, there are some fruits that you should think twice about having a lot if you are planning on losing weight. They can hinder the process. Rather, you don’t have to give up on fruits. You can just go for the better options and after you’ve achieved your ideal weight, then you can have the fruits you want to have and not in moderation!

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