Introduction And Background
With so many fast food chains and food available almost on every corner of every street, it is might difficult to stay thin in times like these. This is one of the major reasons why the world is moving towards obesity on a fast track. Everyone is eating more and becoming lazier, two things which definitely add up to weight gain. And weight loss is not an easy process. You really have to be into the diet to make it successful because the cravings that come with dieting sometimes drive people up the wall so much that they leave their diet during the first few days, unable to cope with it. Nonetheless, there are ways to control the cravings and curb the appetite, ways in which you are actually eating something to control your hunger but that something does not give you many calories. Here are five appetite controlling foods that can suppress your cravings without adding too many calories to your body.

We’ve all heard the stories that almonds are amazing brain boosters and one should eat them for mind strength. While the truth to that might be a little hazy that science is still trying to find evidence to such suggestions, science has already found out that almonds can in fact suppress your appetite and reduce your cravings considerably. They are extremely rich in anti-oxidants and vitamin E and they have certain nutrients that can enable a feeling of fullness. Many people have said that after eating a handful of almond, they no longer felt hungry for quite a while even though they were quite famished before. Thus, almonds should be stocked up in your kitchen cupboard or in your room so that you can turn to them as a healthy snack if ever you want to suppress the cravings with something low-fat.

While this food you might not like raw or alone, ginger can definitely be sprinkled on the food you are already eating so that you can have the full effects of it. Most of the food cooked, when it is lean meat or lentils, has ginger in it for taste and scent. It keeps you energetic and also makes your appetite smaller. You automatically feel less hungry after having something which has had ginger in it. And another added advantage to this food is that it also aids in digestion, a problem which most dieters frequently face.

This is the king of all fruits, in some people’s opinions. Ever since childhood, we are told how amazingly healthy this fruit is and we had no idea then how true it was. Apples are amazing. They are high in fiber and have essential vitamins and minerals while also giving you the taste you need. High fiber foods have very low calories but they can make you feel full very quick. Apples do exactly that. When you’ve had an apple, you feel satiated while you have not had that many calories. And we all need fiber when we are dieting because people often feel constipated during dieting since they are not having all the nutrients they usually have. Apples can aid in helping out with that as well, increasing peristalsis and making bathroom visits less painful!

The most basic of foods, you shouldn’t be surprised that eggs are on the list. Very high in protein and essential fats, eggs are probably the answer to your wishes. However, if you want to cut out the calories altogether, let’s talk about egg whites only! Egg whites are rich in protein and have very little calories. The best part is, eggs are extremely fulfilling. You will notice that if you have an egg for breakfast, your day will go by with ease without you feeling the need to eat something or munch on something. This is because eggs are high in protein which means that they will take longer to digest in the stomach which means that you will feel full for longer. Your cravings will be suppressed in this manner. Have an egg daily in the morning!

Green Tea
While this may not be your typical food, it definitely is a drink that you should be having if you are on a diet. Green tea has the power to stimulate your metabolic rate into a faster pace and also has the ability to burn fat. What more could you want? It also reduces your appetite and aids in digestion, suppressing your cravings along with it. And of course, you know that green tea does not have many calories, less than fifty even.

Just reading about the five foods is not enough. You need to take action and actually have these foods if you want to lose weight. They actually help!

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