Introduction And Background
Many a times the statement is heard that anything else is acceptable but the most unattractive thing in a man and in a woman is a protruding stomach. And it is also the hardest area to lose weight from. Women are lucky in the manner that their fat stores are usually around the hips and the thighs region. Men however store fat around their abdomen which is why the term ‘pot belly’ is mostly used for them. The abdominal region – a medical term for the region the stomach lies in, does not lose its fat merely by dieting, you have to exercise for it as well. You have to tone the muscles around the region so as to give a more toned look or if you want to develop abs around the region. There are many exercises that you can use for the stomach and this article will help to inform and explain about the most famous and effective ones of all – some of which you most probably would have heard of already.

Certain Tips In Your Exercising Method
There are certain things that you should remember in order to lose weight from around the abdominal region and you can apply these tips in any exercise that you please. The first thing you have to do is try your utmost to move your weight from around your waist. Basically, to move your waist. There are many exercises in which you might not be able to do that but in those which you can, try to be flexible and do it. Another thing you should be doing is to tighten up the muscles yourself. At times all a person does is let their body loose and wait for dieting and exercise to tighten up the muscles. While they can in due time, it is also best to tighten up your body yourself. And the last thing, don’t take short breaths. Take long deep breaths and exhale properly as well. It may seem useless to you while doing it but for long term benefits, it counts for a lot! Now, on to the exercises.

The Abdominal Hold!
This exercise is not exactly a piece of cake but it is so effective that it has to be here. You have to hold yourself on your arms on something sturdy. Then, by exerting all the strength on your abdominal region and the hips, try to move your legs up, adjacent to your upper body. It is hard and might take you time to actually do it but once you do, it is very effective for your abs. But know that even at your best, you won’t be able to hold this position for more than ten seconds so it’s okay even if it is less than that initially. Don’t get disheartened.

Whether it is a side crunch or the normal crunch or the lifting crunch, you can do all kinds of crunches because they are all pretty good for the stomach. There are so many rave reviews about this exercise and how it has changed the entire outlook of a person that if you aren’t lying down for a crunch already, you might just do so after being through reading. It is the ideal, most recommended exercise for the stomach and luckily, it is quite easy to manage as well.

The Hundred
The name for the exercise originated from somewhere, but the origin is still somewhat unknown in the fitness circles. However, this is referred to as the exercise for the abs where you have to first lie down flat on your back. Then, with all the power you can muster, lift your head and the upper part of your shoulders a little but the lower back should still be in contact with the surface. Simultaneously, you have to lift both the legs about a foot up in the air, without bending them. This is perfect for developing abs because the entire strength is suddenly concentrated on your lower back and hip region.

After the crunches, the planks are the exercise which wins the spot for being the best exercise for lessening the fat around the stomach. Planks are hard to do as well and the first one might not last more than ten seconds. You have to lie down, this time on your stomach. Then, with the force of your elbows and forearms in touch with the surface and your toes, lift your entire body in midair. Keep it there for a while and try to increase time as you can.

Dieting does help to reduce the fat around the stomach but if you want a lean body and a tucked in tummy, better take note of all these exercises and try to do at least one daily.




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